Josh Swickard And His Wife Lauren Swickard Had A Romantic Meet Cute That Led To A Romance

Josh Swickard and Lauren Swickard are expecting their second child
Josh Swickard and Lauren Swickard are expecting their second child ( Source : instagram )

Josh Swickard and his wife Lauren initially met just two days before the filming of their 2017 movie Roped. Josh and Lauren portrayed a cowboy in a rodeo and the daughter of a councilman who fell in love with each other. 

Harrison Chase, played by Swickard in General Hospital, is the son of journalist Jackie Templeton and Professor Gregory Chase. On February 21, 2018, Swickard entered the soap opera canvas and has since become a regular.

Josh Swickard is working on a significant project with his wife, Lauren. Not another movie, we assure you! The actor and his screenwriter spouse are having a second child. Let's take a look into the life of Josh Swickard and Lauren, as it seems like they are living the fairytale.

Josh Swickard and Lauren Swickard Met on a Movie Set for the First Time

Josh Swickard first met his wife Lauren, also known by the names Lorynn and Lauren York, in the past while working on the set of the romantic comedy Roped in 2017. They were destined to be each other's love interests in the movie, and, horrifyingly, it almost didn't happen.

Josh almost didn't get the part, Lauren said in a joint interview with Metro in 2020. Josh wasn't actually the first pick to play [the role] Colton, so he just met him two days before the start of filming. They ultimately decided to take Josh because the other individual was unable to ride a horse.

While making the movie, the couple resisted the impulse to get romantic. Josh told Metro that he believed they both simply thought it was wiser to keep work as work. However, it's clear that they connected, and as a result, they began to hang out.

Josh and Lauren Swickard met on a movie set
Josh and Lauren Swickard met on a movie set ( Source : instagram )

Roped wasn't the first love story they would appear in together. The following Netflix release was A California Christmas on December 14, 2020. The production's brains and on-screen beauty were both Lauren.

She authored, co-produced, and starred in the movie, claims Distractify. There is no denying that their synergy made their love bloom off-screen as well. In fact, before Josh proposed to Lauren, his father gave him some very specific advice.

Josh and Lauren's characters don't encounter the same difficulties as Harrison Chase faces on GH, more like those in the feel-good holiday movie subgenre. According to Lauren, these movies are about relationships. Conflict is inevitable, but it is never too much to handle when you love someone. It focuses on how much these personalities love one another and how their love for one another enables them to overcome any obstacle.

Josh Proposed To Lauren While On A Vacation 

While on a ski vacation in Beaver Creek, the actor proposed in the most romantic way possible by getting down on one knee in front of the couple's entire family.

During a game of charades, he performed the word "proposal," after which he declared, "Well... this was not a charade." The actor then presented Lo with an engagement ring and proposed marriage to her—how romantic, right?

Josh proposed to Lauren during the vacation in Orlando
Josh proposed to Lauren during the vacation in Orlando ( Source : instagram )

Less than a year later, on July 6, 2019, the couple got married two days after his 27th birthday. They choose an Old Hollywood ceremony officiated by Josh's minister father in Ohio. 

Josh's father gave him relationship advice from the beginning, advising him to get to know a female every season before getting engaged. They had a happy ending after Josh waited it out and recognized she was still the one.

Inside The Wedding Of Josh and Lauren Swickard 

Being actors themselves, it's interesting that their wedding's theme was "Old Hollywood Glamour," which is very accurate. At the Hyde Park United Methodist Church, the vows were exchanged.

Josh's granddad served as his best man, and Josh's father, a minister, performed the ceremony. After the ceremony, guests continued the celebration at the majestic estate, Greenacres, where Lauren's father had preceded her down the aisle.

Josh and Lauren got married in an Old Hollywood Theme
Josh and Lauren got married in an Old Hollywood Theme ( Source : instagram )

Candles were placed on the tables, and marquees were loaded with white floral arrangements. Following dinner, guests tucked into the wedding cake, which was a lemon olive cake with strawberry and vanilla icing. To cap off their special day, the newlyweds departed the location in a 1963 Rolls-Royce.

In July 2022, on the occasion of their wedding anniversary, Swickard posted a picture to Instagram. Although they are all smiling in the picture, Lauren revealed in her response to the anniversary post that she wasn't feeling well on that particular day.

Josh Swickard And Lauren Swickard Are Welcoming Their Second Child 

Josh Swickard, who plays Chase on General Hospital, and his wife Lauren deserve congratulations. Josh announced the couple's second child's impending arrival in late October via his social media accounts.

Savannah Swickard, who was welcomed on April 21, 2021, is already the daughter of Swickard and his wife, Lauren. The Swickard parents will, in fact, have two children under the age of two, a reference to Swickard's hashtag, as Lauren is set to give birth before next April. Congratulatory comments for the Swickards were added by the actor's GH coworkers and other daytime friends.

Lauren and Josh welcomed their first child in 2021
Lauren and Josh welcomed their first child in 2021 ( Source : instagram )

Lauren uploaded a series of pictures of the gorgeous baby Savannah on her first birthday. Savannah was wearing a yellow dress with a white lace floral overlay, a matching sweater, and a matching turban head wrap.

The little child is even seen in a brief video clip rocking in her high chair and accidentally spilling one of the lemon slices from her extremely squishable birthday cake.

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