Jonnie Irwin Weight Loss And Illness: What Happened To The 'A Place In The Sun' Presenter?

Jonnie Irwin's weight loss after he was diagnosed with lung cancer
Jonnie Irwin's weight loss after he was diagnosed with lung cancer( Source : co )

Tv presenter Jonnie Irwin's significant weight loss is a symptom of his lung cancer.

Jonnie Irwin is a well-known English television presenter of 'A Place In The Sun.' He is also a writer, educator, businessman, and real estate specialist. Irwin received his primary and secondary schooling at Lutterworth Grammar School and a Community College. He earned a bachelor's degree in estate management from Birmingham State University.

Jonnie began his work with Christie & Co. as a business transfer specialist. He was elevated to assistant director after three years. Irwin then worked at Colliers International before entering the media in 2004. He began his career as a co-presenter on Channel 4's A Place in the Sun.

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Jonnie Irwin Weight Loss: Is He Ill?

Jonnie Irwin has stated that he has inoperable cancer and doesn't know how much time he has with his family. The tv presenter who hosts A Place In The Sun on Channel 4 and Escape To The Country on the BBC has revealed that his lung cancer has spread to his brain.

Jonnie, unsure how much time he has left, remembers being given "six months to live" just a week after arriving back from Italy following filming A Place in the Sun in August 2020.


Despite revealing the diagnosis for the first time in 2022, Irwin was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2020 and discovered that it had spread to his brain. "I'm not sure how much time I have left," he said in an interview with Hello magazine. "I try to be optimistic, and my outlook is that I'm living with cancer rather than dying from it." As the host of the TV show A Place In The Sun, Irwin helped couples relocate from their residences in the United Kingdom to somewhere near "sun, sea, and sand overseas."


Jonnie Irwin Wife: Who Is He Married To?

Jonnie Irwin is blessed with a loving wife named Jessica Holmes.

The couple exchanged their wedding vows in September of 2016 and became a man and wife. Since then, they are together as a happy couple.

Jessica and Jonnie love each other immensely and have been through the best and worst situations of life. Thus, their bond seems indestructible.

Jonnie Irwin Family Life

The tv presenter has kept his parents' and siblings' identities hidden. However, he has freely discussed and praised his lover-turned-partner, Jessica Holmes.

Irwin also has three wonderful children. Rex is their eldest son, while Rafa and Cormac are their twin infants.

Jonnie Irwin and his beautiful family
Jonnie Irwin and his beautiful family( Source : hellomagazine )

Jonnie confirmed to Hello Magazine that the health of twins is poor. Rafa had a hernia procedure, and they both suffered from milk intolerances and fevers.


What Is Jonnie Irwin's Net Worth?

Jonnie Irwin's net worth is expected to be $1.5 million in 2022.

He has amassed a sizable fortune via his business, real estate, and media careers. He also obtains a large salary for displaying his abilities.

Irwin is presently a journalist, presenter, commercial director, educator, and property specialist.

Some FAQs

Has Jonnie Irwin lost weight?

Yes, the Tv presenter has lost a significant amount of weight due to his illness.

Who Are Jonnie Irwin's Family?

Jonnie has a wife named Jessica Holmes, and the couple has three kids named Rex, Rafa, and Cormac.

Is Jonnie Irwin Ill?

Jonnie was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in 2020.

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