John Saunders's Adopted Daughter Betty Klimenko Now Is A Part Of World's Largest Shopping Centre Chain

John Saunders And Her daughter Betty
John Saunders And Her daughter Betty ( Source : com )

John Saunders was the co-founder of the world's largest shopping center chain, Westfield.

John's daughter Betty Klimenko is a renowned businessperson and motorsport team owner from Australia. Since 2013, she has operated in the Erebus Motorsport squad in the Supercars Championship.

She was the first Jewish person and female team proprietor to win the Bathurst 1000 in 2017. Similarly, she became a supporter of women in motorsport and a multinational representative for the Australian component of the Dare to be an additional enterprise.

She developed an interest in motor racing in 1999 when her spouse took her to a Porsche driving knowledge as a viewer. Uniformly, she participated in amateur and semi-professional forms of motor racing while working with her husband.

Klimenko bought the Stone Brothers Racing team in September 2012 and the V8 Supercars Championship racing license from co-owners Ross Stone and Jimmy Stone beginning from the 2013 season.

Businessman: Who Is Betty Klimenko Father John Saunders?

Betty's late father, John, co-founded the world's largest shopping center chain, Westfield. 

The development of Westfield Corporation was named Westfield Place and started in Blacktown in July 1959. 

Westfield cooperated with General Growth and Whitehall Real Estate to purchase 19 centers for US$1 billion in 1994. The company possessed centers in 15 US states by 2015.

The company was founded in Australia with its original beliefs at Blacktown the Westfield Group continued to operate an enormous number of shopping centers in Australia.

Betty's late father, John, co-founded the world's largest shopping center chain, Westfield.
Betty's late father, John, co-founded the world's largest shopping center chain, Westfield. ( Source : speedcafe )

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Businessman John And Her Daughter Betty's Combined Net Worth In 2022

John & Betty's Combined Net Worth  $2.70 billion

John and her daughter Betty's combined net worth is estimated at $2.70 billion in 2022. 

Betty's family owned and worked at Oran Park Raceway until its closure in 2010 to build one of the largest housing estates in outer western Sydney. Klimenko purchased six properties at Vaucluse in Sydney's eastern suburbs. She said she planned to create a guesthouse and retreat for her family. Also, she said, an outdoor toilet accommodated in an English phone box will make on the property. 

In Addition, she owns the Erebus Motorsport SuperCars racing team, and she now owes an acre of land after barking up the pieces of prime real estate at Vaucluse, in Sydney's eastern suburbs. 

The businesswoman and two of her three sons reside in connecting properties. She has already taken out her ideas to turn the new houses into a family guesthouse and a grandchildren's withdrawal.  She stated her plans to install an outdoor toilet housed in an English phone box on the lawn. Similarly, she said, she wouldn't tell it is the world's considerable costly possessions whereas it has brilliant views, with the sea on one side and the harbor on the other. 

Betty bought her first double-block belongings in Vaucluse in 2007.
Betty bought her first double-block belongings in Vaucluse in 2007.( Source : twitter )

Additionally, the businesswoman bought her first double-block belongings in Vaucluse in 2007 and commenced buying up houses when her sons initiated to move out.  

One of her properties costs $6.6 million, and she declares she decided to knock it down. Also, she spent more than $1 million over the asking price for another possession to buy out her neighbor. 

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Betty Klimenko And Her Husband Has Completed 32 Years Of Marriage

Betty and her husband Daniel completed thirty-two years of their marriage. Similarly, together they had one child.

Furthermore, she said what life was like on the other side of the track with her partner Daniel, after her father nearly kicked her out of the family for a wedding to someone eleven years more immature than her that wasn’t Jewish.

In Addition, alongside her husband, she has shared plenty of photos on her Instagram under the username @erebusgirl. She has gained 21.4 thousand followers and followed back seven hundred fifty people with the post of 1900.

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