John Reeves Daughters Jewelry Business Is Gold Like The Gold Daughters

Jordan and Ilaura managed the Gold Daughters gold panning attraction
Jordan and Ilaura managed the Gold Daughters gold panning attraction( Source : mininghistoryassociation )

John Reeves daughters jewelry businesses 'Explora Designs' and 'Gold Daughters' are booming. John has two children Jordan Reeves and Ilaura Reeves.

The TV personality is an Alaskan gold miner. He revealed he is a self-made millionaire and one of Alaska's largest private landowners.

He has the company Fairbanks Gold, LLC, which owns thousands of acres of patented mining grounds and holds numerous additional claims along rivers in state and federal land.

Reeves is constantly uncovering mammoth tusks and bones. They are easy to find in this part of the world, which, along with Siberia, formed the stomping grounds of the woolly mammoth. 

He is one of the most successful gold miners and has also made an appearance in Gold Rush with his family.

John Reeves Daughters Have A Jewelry Business

John Reeves daughters jewelry shop is named Explora Design which Ilaura runs. Jordan also has her own company called Gold Daughters.

Explora Design sells a different variety of accessories for both men and women. They have a collection of necklaces, earrings, rings, and men's fossil fashion designs.

Ilaura has websites from which she makes their sales. She collects the mines and uses them to make different valuable ornaments.

Ilaura is the owner of the Accessories shop Explora Design
Ilaura is the owner of the Accessories shop Explora Design( Source : ilauralongley )

According to her website, she grew up hunting for gold on family claims in their hometown of Fairbanks, Alaska. She then started the company Gold Daughters in 2014 with her sister.

Her childhood hobby has been the inspiration for many aspects of their life. If she is not prospecting for gold or hunting fossils during summer, she is combing for sharks' teeth or designing jewelry.

She has worked hard daily to make the company reach today's level. However, she has never mentioned anything about the sales of her company.

According to her website, "I pursue my creative outlets and can spend hours working on one piece of jewelry content to myself. I treasure this change of pace,"

Gold Daughter Alaska

The two sisters started their company ' Gold Daughter Alaska' in 2014 with a short walk-up window where they would greet customers and sell tee shirts and cupcakes.

Since then, they have doubled the troughs for panning and now do business out of a rustic gifts shop and sell local and Alaskan-made products.

Ilaura and Jordan started the business Gold Daughters in 2014
Ilaura and Jordan started the business Gold Daughters in 2014( Source : golddaughters )

Before they opened the store, they both played softball at Division I Programs. Jordan used to play for the University of Oregon, and Ilaura for the University of South Florida.

They both feel lucky to found a job where they share their passion. They make the sells to people all over the world.

They have their official website to sell the projects and have been doing great. They have been earning a good income from the sale. However, the actual amount is not disclosed.

John Has Two Daughters Who Are All Grown Up

John Reeves daughters Jordan and Ilaura Reeves are businesswomen who run their jewelry and gift shops. Both of them are successful in their careers.

Ilaura Reeves

Ilaura is a TV personality and a businesswoman. She appeared in Godfathers in 2012 and Gold Rush in 2010.

She is the founder of Explora Designs and co-owner of Gold Daughters. Her businesses are paving the way for future female gold panners and connecting travelers and locals through getting their hands dirty, finding gold, and exploring nature.

Ilaura Reeves is 27 years old, according to a post on @theboneyardalaska Instagram account. She has been working in the field of gold mining since 2012.

She loves to drive, grab her golden retriever nuggets, hop in a car, turn up the music, and go across the town. She likes to explore different news sites while driving.

Ilaura flexing her shop ornaments,
Ilaura flexing her shop ornaments, "Mini woolly mammoth tusk with 14k gold piping"( Source : instagram )

Her favorite fictional character is Melissa Lewis, the captain in the book and movie 'The Martian.' She says that her childhood dream was to be an astronaut.

After graduating from the University of South Florida in 2013, she started brainstorming business ideas with her sister. After a while, they decided to open a destination where people could pan all day, and we would teach them how to do it. We wrote some business names on scrap paper in January and opened in May.

Ilaura Reeves married her husband Drew Longley and has worked with him for over ten years. She and her husband are parents to two beautiful children.

She is also active on Instagram as @ilauralongley. She has 12k followers and 221 followings. She has 221 posts on her account. She frequently posts pictures of accessories, and her husband and children appear on her social account.

Jordan Reeves

Jordan is the owner of Gold Daughter. She established the company in March 2014 and has worked for eight years. The company is located in Fairbanks, Alaska.

She started her career as a reality TV personality and appeared on National Geographic Channel & JR Prospecting in June 2011. After that, she worked as a Geologist at Metallogeny, Inc. from May 2013 to September 2013.

Ilaura (right) and Jordan (left) found mining as a peaceful activities
Ilaura (right) and Jordan (left) found mining as a peaceful activities( Source : mobilerving )

The TV personality also works as an Apprenticeship for Fairbanks Gold Company since June 2012. She is a University of Oregon graduate.

She completed her bachelor's degree in Geological and Eart Sciences/Geosciences in 2012. She was involved in Oregon Ducks Softball Team (catcher 2008-2011) and Scholar Athlete (2008-2011) during her university time.

John and Wife Jen Have A Small Alaskan Family

John Reeves Alaska family consists of his wife Jen Reeves and two daughters. John and Jen have been married for over three decades now.

The couple also has two beautiful grandchildren from her child, Ilaura. John and his family appeared in an international show on National Geographic called Goldfathers in 2012.

The show mainly focused on the family as they spent the summer prospecting for gold. At the end of the summer, the family successfully recovered several ounces of gold.

He also has a grandson named Jack, whom he loves very much. He has also shared his images on his Instagram account.

John posted a cute selfie with his grandson Jack on September 2022
John posted a cute selfie with his grandson Jack on September 2022( Source : instagram )

John has a sister named Kristin Reeved Park. She is active on Facebook and has multiple posts on her account.

He visited his family in December 2022. He even posted a picture with the caption, "That time Ilaura @ilauralongley and I went to Costa Rica to visit my Dad and my sister @kwiseflp She's a great traveling companion and will be going to Texas with me."

John from Alaska met his family (dad, and sister) along with his child Ilaura in December 2022
John from Alaska met his family (dad, and sister) along with his child Ilaura in December 2022( Source : instagram )

The gold miner also has a pet named Pirate, frequently appearing in his posts. He loves to go on rides with his dog.

John Reeves Alaska family owns a major Fairbanks tourist operation, and the Anchorage Daily News enters a new phase with another court trial in Fairbanks.

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