John Legend Cousin Alex Tyree Makes His Debut With Bravo's Summer House

Alex is the founder of Feel The Space, singer, reality star and creative director. He is one of the contestant of the Summer House
Alex is the founder of Feel The Space, singer, reality star and creative director. He is one of the contestant of the Summer House( Source : instagram )

John Legend cousin Alex Tyree is a cast member on Bravo's Summer House Martha's Vineyard. He is also the founder and host of Feel the SPACE. 

Alex Tyree is a music-focused artist, creative director, and music curator. 

Alex on Summer House recently came into the limelight for his appearance in the reality television show Summer House on Bravo TV.

Summer House: Martha's Vineyard is an American-based reality television show. The show is the spin-off of Summer House.

The reality show first premiered on May 7, 2023. The Bravo TV features a group of young "Black" professionals vacationing on Martha's Vineyard. 

The Vineyard is located on an island south of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It was one of the first beach destinations where African Americans could vacation and purchase property.

Similarly, the show follows a group of 12 friends and showcases their life as well as dramas as they enjoy their island getaway.

Jasmine Ellis Cooper, Nicolas Arrington, Bria Fleming, Silas Cooper, Shanice Henderson, and Jason Lyke are other cast members of the reality show.

John Legend Cousin Alex Tyree on Summer House

John Legend cousin Alex Tyree is a part of the television show Summer House. He is living in New York and is originally a native of Ohio.

He made a grand entry in the Bravo reality television show Summer House: Martha's Vineyard. People are loving his impressive character in the show.

Chrissy Teigen also commented about Alex being John's first cousin on the live TV show What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. 

The host Andy asked her about Alex being on the show and John Legend's wife said replied that they are happy for him.

And further added that she loves him, and when she got to know about this she was excited for Alex and rooting for him.

Fans were shocked, and surprised as well as got more interested after knowing that John Legends and Alex are family related. 

Alex attended an event with Marcus Graham Project on July 20, 2022
Alex attended an event with Marcus Graham Project on July 20, 2022( Source : instagram )

There were discussions about the cousins on the Twitter thread about them being brothers and not getting to know them before. 

Some audience wanted to know more about him and the bond they share as brothers and how they were related as cousins.

While some of the audience also commented that he was flexing to gain an audience in his new Bravo reality show Summer House. 

However, fans are also loving his calm and composed nature and the way he presents his thought to everyone in the show.

The most interesting thing is the audience is loving his voice and love to listen to him sing more and showcase his talents.

Recently, Alex falls into controversy when he commented about his co-contestant Shanice Henderson's past and asked her to give him personal space.

The audience got into the debate about him being judgemental about the situation he had no knowledge about.

How Are John Legend and Alex Tyree Related?

Alex Tyree and John Legend are related as cousins. They share a common ancestor and the same grandparents.

The cousins share a lovely bond with each other as John's wife also mentioned that they celebrate Thanksgiving together.

Also, Alex has mentioned that they celebrate festivals together, attend the family get-together, and visit the family occasionally.

Moreover, John was also part of #CultureCon and presented on the show as a Keynote speaker at the grand conference.

He interviewed his cousin at the conference, and that was the time when John revealed that Alex was his first cousin.

John Legend further added that he is super proud to see him working hard to create a new space for talented colored people.

At that creative collection conference, John motivated the audience who were present there and shared his dream of becoming a singer.

Alex has played a vital role in creating the fastest-growing conferences dedicated to creative people of color while he worked for Spike DDB.

On April 2, 2018, Alex shared a picture with his Aunts and cousins in Brooklyn celebrating Easter and praised John Legend for giving an incredible performance onstage.

Per Alex's Instagram, he seems to value family and likes to maintain a bond with each and every one of his cousins, aunts, and uncles.

Similarly, on November 29, 2018, John presented his whole family with a legendary Christmas special on national television NBC.

Alex Tyree Age

Alex Tyree on Summer House is 33 years old. He was born on April 19, 1990, to a religious family in Ohio.

He is the son of the Preacher, which is why his values in life are quite different than others. His early upbringing played a significant role in how he viewed the world.

His entire family migrated to New York after his World War II veteran grandfather. He gives credit to his grandfather for becoming the person he is now.

Similarly, the musician is extremely close with his mother and frequently expresses his love and gratitude towards her on Instagram.

He is the founder and host of Feel the SPACE, an emerging music community. Their motive is to make the connection between music, performing artists, and music seekers.

Alex got his Bachelor's degree in Business and Management from Miami University in 2011 and did an international Summer Program at the University of Seoul.

Alex is 33 year old as of 2023. He is making name for himself in the reality television show Summer House
Alex is 33 year old as of 2023. He is making name for himself in the reality television show Summer House( Source : instagram )

The reality star has also grown his creative career over the decade. He has created several advertising and marketing campaigns with brands like Uber, HBO, Budweiser, and more.

He started his career as a Sales Associate in 2011, then worked as an account manager for Mondelez International until 2015.

Alex was also a Brand Manager for Marcus Graham Project, then he worked as Marketing Consultant for Popz Topz, his family-owned hat business for four years.

After that, his journey with Spike DDB started, he worked there for almost eight years and left the company in 2021.

He joined as a Brand Manager, then promoted to Brand Supervisor, Client and Content Director, and later became Creative Strategy Director.

Over the period of his professional journey, he has successfully been able to build an impressive resume and a strong reputation in the entertainment sector.

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