John Fornetti Oak Island Owns a Dental Center

John and Peter Fornetti both are featured on Oak Island
John and Peter Fornetti both are featured on Oak Island( Source : instagram )

John Fornetti Oak Island is the owner of the Dental Center at Mountain Michigan. John is married to Rick Lagina's sister Teressa Lagina.

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Oak Island's John Fornetti Has A Dental Center And Foundation

John Fornetti Oak Island established his own Dental Center and works as a dentist. John son Daniel Fornetti is also a Dentist at the establishment.

The work of dentistry has been a heritage for the Fornetti family that started with John's father. John's father graduated from dental school in 1944. After returning to Iron Mountain from war, he started the work of dentistry in his hometown.

He went to Marquette University to study Doctor of Dental Surgery. After completing his education, he started his practice in 1983 and has continued till this age.

John congratulating his employee of 10 years
John congratulating his employee of 10 years( Source : instagram )

Continuing the family tradition, his son Daniel graduated from Marquette University School of Dentistry in 2011. He then practiced in St. Louis for a year. Then he moved back home to practice the profession along with his father.

The senior dentist has earned different diplomate and fellowship distinctions. This has also helped him connect with various dental organizations and the privilege of local hospitals.

The John Fornetti Dental Center has and uses a modern facility that utilizes the latest technology available for the care of visitors. The interior is made to feel warm and comfortable for the guest, similar to 5-star hotel service. 

John's Relationship with Rick and Marty Lagina

The Lagina family had four siblings; Rick, Marianne, Marty and Teressa. The siblings were very close to each other from a young age.

All the siblings are currently married. The youngest of all, Teressa is currently married to John. This makes the Lagina family, John's in-laws. With that relationship, John is the brother-in-law of both Rick and Marty.

Peter Fornetti on second from the left side wearing safety equipment
Peter Fornetti on second from the left side wearing safety equipment( Source : instagram )

With this relationship, both the sons of John who have been involved in the show for a long time are the brother's nephews. And both Rick and Marty love their nephews very much.

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