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John Caparulo -

The brilliantly blessed mind, when matches a well-built body figure with extra weight and extra talent pouch it concludes to be John Caparulo. The magician with humor and sense of comic, he could make anybody laugh at any time of the day. Well known from the television series named E! talk show, he spreads the laughter worldwide with equivalent charisma and charm. One could never get enough of him, be it stand up comedies or any other shows he appears in, he would never disappoint the audience. He is better known from his nickname Cap. Being featured in The Tonight Show and the standup comedy parade series Just For Laughs, he has been the better part of the high profile comedy show of the American television industry.


He was born in September 22 in 1975 at East Liverpool, Ohio of the United States of America. He holds an American nationality and got raised somewhere between Pennsylvania and West Virginia boundaries. He was an acting enthusiast from his early age and was a determined character actor. He was a student of East Liverpool High School and completed his graduation in 1993. He even got the membership of Phi Sigma Pi. The earlier days of struggles had its time to consume and it may have taken a little more of the veteran comedy actor nevertheless, there is a time for all as was for him.


He banged on the acting scenario with a thirst to conquer the comic world and had the potential to do so. Working through the nightclubs doing stand up comedies in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio and in parts of the Pittsburg, it was a difficult times that lasted. For many years, he had the same routine of job responsibility, wandering the nightclub doors and making the awkward part of the city laugh on his sense of comedy. However, it was a hard thing to sustain with and several years passed maintaining the employment opportunity based as a door person for the Comedy Store based in Hollywood, California the land of the dreamers. He even had to work in the Golf Course as a groundkeeper. This did not set the high aiming courage of him to get wiped out instead he grew firm and strong with every hardship of the career he enrolled with. It was a time to learn he was prospering with the experience of having to serve every kind of customers and this made him even better in his acts.


He found the initial breakthrough of his career in 2003 when he was provided with an opportunity to work for Just For Laughs Festival at Montreal, Canada. This led him to offers from several other televised sitcoms like The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn and The Tonight Show. As the offers picked up so did, his motivation and the talent prospered having the likes of the shows like Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Next Generation and Vince Vaughn’s Wild West Comedy Tour. Later in 2008, he had a show with his own name called John Caparulo: Meet Cap alongside a series called Work it. He is an anchor for the show on radio The Mad Cap Hour and is featured in Chelsea Lately. The earlier struggles did get his tune to shine and his peculiarly distinctive comedy quotes is ever delighting to the audience. With provided opportunities to hare the screen space with high profiled actors and musicians like Alex Oritz, Ophira Eisenberg, Avril Lavigne, Pamela Anderson, Selma Blair and Jennifer Aniston, he has a loit to prove and long way to go. He with so much of shows in hand has a handsome salary like himself, as his net worth is sustainably comforting.


John Caparulo is a married man, whom tied the knot with his long time girlfriend and co- actor, Jamie Marie Kelly in May 27 of 2012. The couple is happily married and is residing on Calabasas, California of the United States of America after their marriage. They have not confirmed about the possibility of having children but he is in so much love and affection with his wife, there is no question of divorce between them. He was speculated to be gay but it is all fake information relating him. More information regarding his bio and shows can be found on wiki. The comedy celebrity in age of 38 is still a lot younger in his performance with added maturity.