Who Is Joey Miller? Everything On Love Is Blind Cast Wikipedia And Age

People are curious to know about Netflix's "Love Is Blind" cast, Joey Miller. Read the article below to know all about this handsome hunk. 

Joey Miller is one of the casts of Netflix's reality show "Love is Blind" Season 2. 

The show is back almost after two years. This hit show of Netflix show slash "social experiment" took over the internet when it was first premiered in the February of 2020. 

For those who missed the frenzy of Season 1, Love is Blind takes a group of single people ready for marriage. The special part is that they have to date each other without seeing the other. 

This year, the show will be premiered on 11 February. Mark your calendar so you don't miss the fun. 

Who Is Joey Miller? Meet Love Is Blind Cast

Joey Miller is one of the 30 participants of Netflix's reality series "Love is Blind Season 2".

In the show, 30 new people are ready to fall in love without seeing the other partner. The Chicago-based singles will speak with a stream of potential love interests without laying eyes on one another, not even once. 

Joey Miller - Wikipedia Age

Joey Miller does not have a dedicated Wikipedia page of his own yet. However, we can find many details about him through various websites and social media platforms. 

Joey's real name is James Miller. His age is 30 years old according to Netflix's short description about the casts

Joey says that if he could tell the love of his life one thing, it would be that he will try his best to make her smile every single day for the rest of her life. Sweet, isn't it?

Joey Miller - Job Net Worth

Joey Miller's job is Business Strategy Consultant

The cast has not revealed any information about his net worth on the internet. However, we guess he is a well-off businessman. 

Joey is usually seen traveling to places and having fun with his friends. So, we can assume he has made pretty enough fortune to afford a lavish lifestyle. 

You can follow him on his Instagram account under the username @millerj5001. His IG account has 634 followers with whom he has shared a total of 53 posts. 

Meet Joey Miller\'s Family

Joey Miller's family consists of his mother and father. He has shared a few pictures with his parents on his Instagram account. 

In one of the pictures, Joey is seen with his parents on his graduation day. The cast had attended Kellogg School of Management. 

Furthermore, he has an MBA from Northwestern University. 

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