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The stunningly handsome and cooking enthusiast, Joe Bastianich is a well-known television personality and a restaurateur. He has been in the field of culinary from very early age, as his mother a famed celebrity chef and television personality, Lidia Bastianich was a great influence that persuaded him on the field of culinary. He is also a profound winemaker and had his luck on the writing field as well. His outgoing character and a stunningly fetched attitude kept him going strong throughout his career.


Commonly known as Joe, his real name is Joseph Bastianich who was born to Lidia Bastianich and Felice Bastianich in September 17, 1968. He set foot on the world in Astoria, Queens of New York City of the United States of America. His early childhood was very good for his entire career output, as born in a family of restaurateur he was indulged in the field of food industry from his childhood. His mother being his greatest influence and adviser, it was a simple thing to be learning the methods of managing a restaurant and cooking from his parents. His parents were owner of restaurant franchise like Buonavia and Villa Seconda. Both of them were Italian restaurants and it was obvious for him to be learning the Italian cuisines in his childhood. However, when he was thirteen hid parents sold the restaurants due to the sad demise of his grandfather. It did not take long for his parents to launch a new brand of restaurant in Manhattan and they named it relating with their own names, Felidia.


Joe was a student in Fordham Preparatory School located in the Bronx. He was not a good student in his school days and it led him in skipping the school after he turned to eight standards. He gradually followed up and completed his graduation in B.A from Boston College. After his graduation, he looked for jobs outside of his family background and worked as a trader of bonds in Wall Street for Merrill Lynch. Nevertheless, his career was oriented from a different scenario and it did not take him long to assist his parents in continuation of the highly ranked restaurant business.


He after gaining much experience from his parents’ place, he was dignified to open his own place. He then went on to inaugurate a different breed of Italian restaurant in Manhattan called the Becco. He had his parents approved for the partnership of finance for its opening. Becco got a high appreciation and was equally successful as Felidia. After his parents split ways in 1997, he and his sister, Tanya Bastianich, were the proud owners of the shares of the restaurant franchise. Joe then joined hands with the famous celebrity Chef Mario Batali to reinvent the phenomenal success of Becco, a new restaurant named Babbo Ristorante e Enoteca. This new restaurants set up his standards in a high post as it was viewed with high rankings and soon earned three stars from The New York Times tribune. The strong bond between him and Batali then set up new brands of restaurants all over New York City. The duo set up restaurants named Lupa, Esca, Casa Mono, Bar Jamon, Otto and many others. They are also the proud owners of Osteria and Pizzeria Mozza, which has additional branches in Singapore. Being perfectionists of their own fields the duo had a hard-hitting success in opening breeds of Italian restaurants and shocked the world when The New York Times honored their restaurant Del Posto with four-star rankings. It was the first of its kind as the only Italian restaurant to have such rankings this helped grow their net worth.


The success of the restaurants did not stop Joe from his other cravings and he established himself as a wine maker. He opened wine house like the one Azienda Agricola Bastianich based in Friuli. The other wineries that he had in his establishments are La Mozza s.r.l somewhere in Tuscany as well as in Argentina and Brandini Estate in Piedmont of Italy.


Apart from restaurants and wines, he had devoured his time in writing as well. He was a co-author of Vino Italiano: The Regional Wines of Italy and Vino Italiano Buying Guide, which he wrote with David Lynch. His books got him the fame and awards like Outstanding Wine and Spirits Professional from James Beard Foundation. He also is a judge in the hit television series MasterChef.


The fat and chubby looking personality Joe Bastianich through his hard exercise, lost weight and came into a different shape. He married man and has three children. His wife and their children live in Greenwich, Connecticut. He connects with his fans through Twitter.