Explore Jerry Jeudy's Net Worth In 2022 

Jerry Jeudy, who starts as the wide receiver for Denver Broncos has an estimated net worth of around $1-1.5 million as of 2022.

He has earned a lot from his playing career and signed contracts.

Similarly, the talented player has been laced with many contract signing bonuses and lavish sponsorship deals.

His current NFL stats read as 90 receptions, and a 14.7 receiving average.

He also flaunts 3 receiving touchdowns and 1323 receiving yards.

Jerry was affiliated with Alabama college tier football from 2017 to 2019 and received an NFL Round 1 draft with Broncos as the 15th overall pick.

Who Is Jerry Jeudy's Girlfriend Janice Thomas?

Jerry Jeudy has been living a happy life with his long-time girlfriend Janice Thomas.

Janice and  Jerry attended the same college of Alabama and met there.

Their bond grew stronger and they took their relationship to next level.

The pair were blessed with their adorable daughter Aaliyah Jeudy.

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Jerry Jeudy Arrested For Domestic Violence- Why Is He In Jail?

Jerry Jeudy has been arrested in Colorado for second-degree criminal tampering in a domestic violence case.

He was arrested for low-level misdemeanor on Thursday after he had a brief altercation with his girlfriend in their Denver residence.

Following their fight, Jerry put the paperwork and other essentials of their child Aaliyah in his car and left the home so that his wife Janice couldn't get away even if she wanted to.

Janice filed a police complaint that she would like to leave for Virginia and just wanted the documents back, and wanted no problem for her partner Jerry.

Jerry was cooperative during the arrest in Colorado and was put in custody for a night.