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Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon is a young singer and songwriter, and is one of the talented contestants of American Idol Season 17. He proudly admits to be gay and he opened up about it recently with his parents on November 2018.

Jeremiah’s Early Life and Education

Jeremiah was born in Alexandria, Los Angeles in year 1993. He frequently moved around to different places, as his father was a Preacher.  He was a Christian by religion and grew up listening to Christian songs. He said in one of his interview, he happened to know more about music when he had an internet access with him and later he was obsessed with the music of Mahalia Jackson and Jeff Buckley.

Harmon was home schooled through high school. Later, he went to Lynchburg University in Lynchburg, Virginia. He started writing songs in the university and released the featured album in 2018 by LU praise team.

He now has his own band where Jeremiah looks after Vocals, Keys and Guitar. The other two members in the band, Judah Arrington do Bass and Tyler Coleman plays the drums.

Harmon’s Recent Relationship


Harmon’s has recently admitted in November that he was a gay to his family members. He also adds that it was difficult for him to come up and tell his parents about his sexuality. He has been in relationship with his boyfriend, John Keister since last year.

He moved out from his parent’s house in January but claims he was in contact with them. After he moved, he started working in the church as church staff without any bias by the other church members.

Professional Career and Instagram Account Updates

By profession, Jeremiah is a Baltimore-based singer, songwriter and a church staff.  He is also a former janitor.  As a musician, he has performed as Jeremiah Harmon, Lloyd Harmon and as Ra-K35H (Rakesh). In recent days, he has been releasing his album as Baltimore-based Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon.

He released four songs in 2017 followed up with last year’s single called “Learn to Love”. He owns his official music site www.jeremiahlloydharmon.com where we can listen to his music collection and know about his upcoming shows event.

In Jeremiah Instagram account, we can find single pictures of him and some with his boyfriend.

Jeremiah Body Structure and Details

A 26-year-old gay musician looks fair in complexion with dashing personality. He has an orange colored hair with hypnotizing ocean blue eyes. He seems to be average in height.

He stated in one of his interview, he was one of the last one to audition in American Idol show. He in his audition played the piano and sang a song he wrote “Almost Heaven”.

How much is Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon earning?

There are no exact details about the actual earnings of Jeremiah. From the albums he has done in past, Harmon might have earned significant amount sufficient for his living.

Currently he is living in his new house in Baltimore with his boyfriend, John and expects to have a wonderful life ahead with him.