Who Is Jenny Landreth Married To? Comedian Husband Mark Thomas Net Worth and Acts Discussed

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Jenny Landreth's husband is a popular personality who has accomplished significant prospects in his life. Jenny Landreth and her husband had been together for a decade, but there are rumors of their split. 

Jenny is a writer and editor, she is also the author of Waterbiography (Bloomsbury). It is a memoir and history of women's swimming and swimming in London, It also consists of the 50 best places to swim in London.

Jenny is a proud mother, she seems to be quite active in writing a book, her next book is about an amateur theatre titled Break A Leg, the book is available on Amazon and it has been praised by both readers and critics.

Who Is Jenny Landreth Married To?

Jenny Landreth was married to her husband Mark Thomas. Mark 57, is a comedian who also seems to wear multiple hats in terms of his talent, he is also a presenter, journalist, and politician. 

To enumerate, Mark became the first guest on BBC Radio 1 in a comedy show The Mary Whitehouse Experience in the 1980s. He is popular with his show The Mark Thomas Comedy Product on Channel 4. 

Likewise, He was married to Jenny in 1991, and both of them seem to have a compassionate relationship as their marriage lasted till 2019, Mark and Jenny seem to share 3 cute and smart children. 

Comedian Husband Mark Thomas Net Worth

Mark is estimated to have worth around 2 million dollars, or 1.5 million pounds in 2022. He has been active since his career in the 1980s. It has already become four decades for him to have had a career in comedy. 

Moreover, the comedian has also made appearances in cinema, TV, and radio. Likewise, he is also the host of his own show The Mark Thomas Product which is a political comedy show that addresses political concerns. 

Jenny Landreth and Mark Thomas Divorce Rumors

Indeed, Jenny Landreth and Mark Thomas are divorced, they have been divorced nearly for 3 years. The couple split in 2019, they seem to have split mutually as there was no controversy about their divorce. 

Similarly, the couple also seems to share the custody of their three children together. They seem to have been successful with their own avenues, as Jenny is well-known for her books. 

Also, Mark has established himself as a political comedian and satirist in his own show on British Television. Both of them seem to be followed, criticized, and lauded by their fans and followers. 

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