Internet Remembers The Passing Of Jenni Rivera Via her Plane Crash Photos -How Did She Die?

Jenni Rivera's family is believed to be shocked by a horrible video that was posted on the internet showing bits of her bleeding, dismembered body strewn among the wreckage.

On the YouTube page, there is a video you can vividly see the remains of the singer Jenni Rivera and how the bits of her corpse were dispersed around the hilly terrain where her plane crashed, which provoked anguish and fury in her part admirers.

In another image of the body of Jenni Rivera, you can see the hair, skin, blood, and other objects of the individuals who were with her, but for sure who they belonged to is unknown, but the people could not endure this.

People were filled with even more anguish when they saw these photographs of Jenni Rivera, the Band's Diva: "It makes me sad when I see Jenni Rivera, but I know that she is no longer here." He was a fantastic singer from Mexico. My mom enjoyed his music".

Despite the fact that the video has not been authenticated as genuine, the Rivera family believes it is because of the things in the film and photos of mangled body parts.

The family of the Mexican singer wants the offenders brought to justice after the leaked footage of a severed foot with painted toenails went viral on the internet.

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What Happened To Jenni Rivera? 

Jenni Rivera was traveling on a jet that she reportedly wanted to buy; she was with four other passengers and two crew members; they had left Monterrey for Toluca and crashed in the Tejocote ejido, Iturbide municipality, Nuevo León, at the height of 27 thousand feet.

She was supposed to be a part of the La Voz México show, but it never materialized, and her fans were struck speechless when they learned of the catastrophe that had enveloped Mexico and a portion of the United States.

The business that owns the luxury airplane she was flying in is also being investigated by the US Drug Enforcement Administration, which confiscated two of its planes earlier this year.

According to a DEA spokesperson, the planes belonging to Las Vegas-based Starwood Management were confiscated in Texas and Arizona.

The agency has also subpoenaed all of the company's papers, including any correspondence with a former Tijuana mayor suspected of having ties to organized crime by US law enforcement.

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