Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman and Partner Eric Aviles Are Together For Three Years

Eric and Jeffrey has been in relationship for more than 2 years.
Eric and Jeffrey has been in relationship for more than 2 years. ( Source : instagram )

Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman partner Eric Aviles is a model. Eric Aviles is a social media influencer and an established esthetician.

Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman is a reputed model who hails from Canada. He has also worked in reality television as an actor.

Bowyer-Chapman comes from Edmonton, Alberta, where he was born on October 21, 1984. Though he was not raised by his biological parents.

He was adopted by when he was only 12 days old by his adoptive parents. His biological parents were of African-Jamaican descent on his father's side and English ancestry on his mother's side. 

After acting in his first movie, he moved to New York. Subsequently, seven years later he moved to Los Angeles in 2016. 

Eric Aviles Is An LA Based Model

Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman boyfriend Eric Aviles is a model. Eric is an aesthetician based in Los Angeles.

Similar to Jeffrey, Eric Aviles is also a working model for many modeling agencies. Though modeling for Eric is not his main profession for him. 

Eric grew up in the Greater Los Angeles Area. He completed his Bachelor's degree in Sociology from the University of California in Los Angeles.

During his college years, he worked as Marketing Director for Buena Vista Lodge and Resort in Liberia. He also worked as a Library Supervisor for the university for his entire college years. 

Both the couple has worked as a model.
Both the couple has worked as a model. ( Source : instagram )

He has worked as a Marketing Coordinator for Latino Business Student Association and Guest Relationship Specialist at Atlantis Event. Currently, he is a certified Esthetician and has been operating on his own. 

It is not known how Eric and Jeffrey met each other but their earliest photo of them in a photo with them being in RuPaul's Dragcon.

Slowly, the pair began to meet at different events and there was some spark ignited. 

On July 2019, Jeffrey posted a photo of them together on their Instagram. Slowly they began to appear at different events and had photos taken together, signifying their relationship.

On June 15, 2020, they confirmed their relationship with a photo on Pride day and where the two were seen kissing each other.

Jeffrey Also Dated Celebrity Stylist Andrew Fitzsimons

Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman dated Andrew Fitzsimons before dating Eric Aviles. Andrew is a reputed celebrity hairstylist.

Andrew is an Irish hairstylist who has been working in entertainment for a long time. From Adele to Kardashians, he has worked on different celebrities' hairstyles.

Andrew Fitzsimons was born in Dublin, Ireland. He later traveled to Paris when he was 18 to study at one of Paris' top beauty agencies.

Having gained much experience with hairstyling, he moved to New York where he presented his skills and began styling celebrities for red-carpet appearances. 

The model with his ex-boyfriend Andrew and Janet Mock.
The model with his ex-boyfriend Andrew and Janet Mock.( Source : instagram )

He has also worked for Shay Mitchell, Mariah Carey, Ashely Graham, Jennifer Lopez, Megan Fox and countless other celebrities.

He has also served as a brand ambassador for Alterna Haircare. Other than that, he is also the new brand ambassador for NatureLab Tokyo. 

Jeffrey and Andrew's fling had started in October 2015. Jeffrey posted their first photo of being with him on October 14, 2015, on his Instagram

Since Andrew had to be at many places for his work, he only appeared on a few posts of his beau but their relationship was going well.

Andrew was declared as his love by Bowrey-Chapman in one of his posts. 

The pair's relationship later ended in early 2018. That was the last time they were seen together in a photo with Susan Sarandon on April 26, 2018.

The cause of their breaking out of their relationship is not known but the pair's relationship lasted for more than two years. 

Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman And RuPaul's Relationship

Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman and RuPaul's relationship has had some drastic change. Even some fans are quite confused about the situation. 

RuPaul is a well-known drag queen among the many drag shows held in North America. Other than that, he is also a television personality, actor, musician and model and has many names and reputations. 

RuPaul is in a relationship with his husband Georges LeBar whom he met in 1994. They got married in January 2017. They spend their most of their time between their home in Los Angeles and a 60,000-acre ranch in Wyoming. 

Though they have been married already, they are also in an open relationship where he didn't want to put any restraints on the person he loves.

RuPaul and the actor has some fling which the fans are confused about.
RuPaul and the actor has some fling which the fans are confused about. ( Source : instagram )

In case of Bowyer-Chapman, the duo met each other on the set of RuPaul's Drag Race All-Star. There Jeffrey was selected as one of the guest judges along with RuPaul in the show. 

In Jeffrey's Instagram post on RuPaul, he expressed RuPaul as his mother as he wrote "Listen to your Mother" but in another photo, he wrote, he found the man of his dreams, signifying RuPaul. 

When Bowyer-Chapmand had a photo with RuPaul, he held him as his family. Later he was called for RuPaul's Dragcon in LA. Eventually, he was selected to be one of the judges for Canada's Drag Race. 

In one of the episodes, he is called by RuPaul, and the pair almost kiss each other as a joke. But at the last moment, RuPaul backs out.

This has confused many fans about their relationship. But since both of the actors are in a happy relationship, it is obvious that they are not romantically involved.

Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman Family Life

Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman grew up under the love of his family. Even though they were his adoptive parents, he was loved. 

The model was born to an English mother and a Jamaican father, he was light-skinned compared to his father but dark-skinned compared to his mother. And he was adopted by his parents when he was only 12 days old. 

The model's adoptive parents and sibling.
The model's adoptive parents and sibling. ( Source : instagram )

He was appreciated in the place that he called home. He grew up with a sister though he has never mentioned her name. In fact, he has never mentioned any of his parents' names, both adoptive and biological parents. 

His adoptive father and sister were also good to him. Especially his sister, he was close with her. The actor also found out about his biological brother. His name is Cleyton Laing.

Cleyton is known to be the defensive player for Toronto Argonauts. Having met with his younger brother, he is also close with him. 

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