Did Jean Claude Van Damme Have Tracheostomy For Throat Cancer? What Happened?

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There are rumors on the internet about Jean Claude Van Damme having throat cancer. These speculations are likely the result of the role actor played in his 2019 We Die Young.

Let's find out more about the actor and the rumors about his health.

There is no doubt that Jean is a well-known action star in Hollywood. He has managed to make name for himself with his martial art moves that left no one unimpressed. Over the years, he has given several hits.

His skills to convey fight realistically with his incredible moves combined with his flawless acting make fans excited for the story journey that his movie takes. He is from Belgium and is often referred to as JCVD.

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Tracheostomy: Does Jean Claude Van Damme Have Throat Cancer?

The internet has been taken over by the rumors that Jean might have cancer, which is an unwarranted hoax. No official sources have commented on these rumors, and neither actor has said anything about it.

This rumor is likely because of his role in We Die Young, where he plays the role of a person who cannot speak. People loved him in the movie, and many were confused about his real talking ability, so it can be said that he put forward a great performance.


People can get updates about his life on his social media. On Instagram, he goes by the handle name jcvd, where he has more than 6.6 million. He often posts about his life activities to update his fans.

Jean Claude Van Damme Voice And Health

Jean's voice has been a topic of concern for his fans; they can relax his voice is fine and can be heard in videos he uploads on his social media. If they want to get to know more about him and his activities.

People can follow him on TikTok, where he often uploads various videos discussing fighting skills and he speaks fluently without problem, so it can be said that his voice is fine and is as usual.

There are no updates about his health being bad, so it can be assumed that he is safe and healthy. He would not have been active on social media if he was sick. 

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Why Is Jean Not Speaking In We Die Young?

The reason people didn't see Jean speaking in We Die Young was because the movie was about the soldier who lost his voice in the Afghanistan war as he played that soldier.

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In the movie, the character had a tracheostomy tube in his throat. The movie was pretty convincing because Jean managed to play the role with such grace that his emotion was vivid although he did not speak a word.

The reason he did not speak in the movie was that that was the story requirement, not his health issue.

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