What Form Of Illness Does JD Scott Have? His Health Condition Explored

JD Scott was diagnosed with a long-kept ailment that was Mercury Poisoning illness, as his health condition is better.

He was unsure of his diagnosis at the time, but in September 2019, he updated his Instagram fans to let them know he was well.

He explained that he had been treated for a stomach ailment.

JD found out what was going on after one of his followers commented on a post, implying that he had been exposed to fluoroquinolone, which could have been in an antibiotic he was taking.

JD also said that he had mercury poisoning, and revealed that he had no idea how he got it.

Regardless, he was treated for everything, and by 2020, he appeared to have moved on from his diseases, which had been rather serious when he was originally diagnosed.

J.D. Scott claims that his fiancée Annalee Belle has been supportive throughout the process.

JD Scott New Baby Rumors 

The claims that JD Scott is expecting a child are untrue, though he will undoubtedly become an uncle, as Drew Scott is the one who is pregnant.

Scott shared a series of prenatal images with his lovely wife to commemorate their impending parenthood.

Drew rejoiced at the impending arrival of his child, who is expected in May 2022.

Because this is Drew's last month, the baby could arrive at any time this month.

When it comes to JD Scott, he is married to his beautiful wife Annalee Belle.

In 2019, the couple married at the Lotus House in Las Vegas at a Halloween wedding. For the non-traditional event, guests were urged to dress up in costumes.

The couple lives in a beautiful Las Vegas mansion that used to be J.D.'s bachelor pad.

Annalee launched a YouTube channel in 2012 in addition to maintaining a social media presence with her bright images.

Annalee appreciates discussing lovely facts about her marriage with her spouse above all else.

For now, the couple is yet to have a child, as they are still enjoying their love life with a family of two people.

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