Where is Jaylee Neubaum From Mapleton Iowa Today? Was Joseph Hopkins Murdered Sentenced?

Jaylee Neubaum Mapleton
Jaylee Neubaum Mapleton( Source : siouxlandproud )

A convicted murderer, Kaylee Neubuam, also had several other allegations against him. However, despite his denial, the recent courtroom verdict announces him to be a killer and a sexual predator. 

Hopkins was shot once in the forehead by Neubaum with a 12-gauge shotgun, killing him. Convicted on May 20, 2021, a series of events unfolded past that. Let's get to the details.

Where is Jaylee Neubaum From Mapleton, Iowa Today? 

Jaylee Neubaum from Mapleton is serving his sentence in prison today. On May 20th, 2021, Jay Neubaum was found guilty of killing Joseph Hopkins, and six months later, he surrendered his rights in a case where he was charged with ten charges of third-degree sexual abuse.

The defendants in the lawsuit brought by the late Joseph Hopkins' family are Jay Neubaum and his family. Jay Neubaum was found guilty of killing Hopkins.

According to the lawsuit, Jay Lee Neubaum, his father Aron Neubaum, and his grandmother Deborah Jean Neubaum are being sued for negligence and loss of consortium together with his mother, Crystal Lea Hopkins, his 16-year-old brother, and sister Destiny Roling.

On January 31, 2020, Jay Neubaum, Joseph Hopkins, and Jaxon Hopkins were playing with guns and working on a derby car in Deborah Neubaum's garage while posting Snapchat images.

Joseph Hopkins passed away as a result of Jay Neubaum's carelessness when handling the shotgun. Aron Neubaum was irresponsible in granting his son access to a loaded and unlocked pistol while in a position to regulate his son's behavior, and as a result, his negligence was a direct cause of Joseph Hopkins' death.

Deborah Neubaum was the property owner where the incident took place and was careless in giving her grandson access to the pistol. Joseph Hopkins' family has suffered because of the circumstances surrounding his death and will continue to suffer because of his passing.

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Was Joseph Hopkins Murderer Sentenced? Jaylee Neubaum Whereabouts

As per one of the tweets, Onawa was awaiting the verdict of the Jay Lee Neubaum case. He was on trial in December on ten charges of sex abuse for assaulting seven girls. The judge will soon announce the decision.

Neubaum is already serving a 50-year prison term for the murder of the Mapleton adolescent who was shot. There were several people in the courtroom who looked to be the girls' family or friends. The hearing's beginning was delayed because Neubaum was participating via zoom from behind bars. It appeared that the guards were still putting him in his place.

On Wednesday, the convictions in two murder cases in Monona County were upheld.

The first-degree murder conviction of Eliot Stowe for the 2018 bludgeoning death of his grandmother, Cheryl Stowe, in her rural Castana, Iowa, the home was upheld by the Iowa Court of Appeals in separate decisions. Stowe is currently incarcerated for life without the chance of release.

The court also rejected Jay Lee Neubaum's request for a new trial. He was convicted of second-degree murder in May 2021 for the shooting death of a teenager in Mapleton, Iowa, on January 31, 2020. Neubaum received a 50-year prison term.

Neubaum was found guilty of sexually abusing two minors in June 2022. He could spend an additional 30 years behind bars as a result. Likely not until 2042 that will he be eligible for parole.

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