Jayden Bartels Parents Yvonne and Sam Bartels Moved To LA For Her Career

The singer with her mother and father wishing for Thanksgiving
The singer with her mother and father wishing for Thanksgiving( Source : instagram )

Jayden Bartels parents are Yvonne Masser-Bartels and Sam Bartels. Her father Sam is a developer and mother Yvonne is a yoga instructor..

As everyone has expected, she is one of the rising stars who has been show-business industry from a young age. To introduce her, she can be said to be an American social media personality and influencer.

Along with being a social media personality, she is a YouTuber, singer and actress who has worked in many series from different tv channels to YouTube channels.

Her main popularity resides in social media accounts such as YouTube, where she has 775k subscribers.

Since the introduction of the new social media app TikTok, she has also been on the rise in her fame. She has 8.8 million followers on her account.

Other than that, she is known for her roles on Disney Channel's Coop & Cami Ask the World as Peyton and Nickelodeon's Side Hustle as Presley.

She made her appearance on Dance Moms when she was around 12 years old.

Jayden Bartels Parents Yvonne Masser-Bartels and Sam Bartels

Jayden Bartels parents Yvonne and Sam Bartels moved to LA for her. Her father and mother look after her social media accounts.

They were not on board with their daughter making videos and posting them on her social media but they eventually relented.

Her family consists of her father, mother and her siblings Josh and Ryan.

Her Mother Yvonne Masser-Bartels

Jayden Bartels mother Yvonne Masser-Bartels is a yoga instructor and has been doing this work for a long time. She currently lives in California with her family. 

The mother Yvonne is a yoga instructor
The mother Yvonne is a yoga instructor ( Source : facebook )

Yvonne full name is Susan Yvonne Siegel Masser-Bartels. She celebrates her birthday on April 7. She has a brother.

Marriage with Sam is her second marriage. She has had children from her previous marriage. She currently has three children.

She helps her daughter to manage her social media accounts from TikTok to YouTube. As a mother, she often helps her daughter by shooting videos for her social media. 

Father Sam Bartels

Jayden Bartels father Sam Bartels is a developer at The Click Source. He celebrates his birthday on February 11.

He graduated from the University of California in 1997 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

The father Sam is the side dancer for his daughter's videos
The father Sam is the side dancer for his daughter's videos ( Source : facebook )

He worked on a project for Teen Democracy from December 1999 to January 2002. He has been working as a Computer Analyst III for UCLA Fowler Museum since June 2001. 

He has also been working as the president of The Click Source since February 2002. Besides that, he is also the developer of the Auction Tracking System and has been on that project since April 2003.

Sam only has one child, Jayden. He has been helping his daughter with her dances since she started her dance on her social media. 

Jayden Bartels Has Two Brothers Rosh and Ryan

Jayden Bartels brothers are Josh and Ryan. Her siblings are interested in different fields than their sister.

Brother Josh Masser

Jayden Bartels brother Josh Masser is the eldest among his siblings. Josh celebrates his birthday on December 17. 

The big brother completed his bachelor's from Humboldt State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Religion/Religious Studies in 2014.

Later he joined Lewis & Clark Law School, where he graduated with a Doctor of Law - JD in 2021.

Josh is engaged to his fiance Marley.
Josh is engaged to his fiance Marley. ( Source : facebook )

For his work experience, he worked as a technician for his father's company, The Click Source. While at Humboldt State University, he worked as a Student Assistant.

After his graduation, he worked for Mekorma as a Sales Support Associate and Content Creator Lead from 2014 to 2018.

After he joined Law school, he started his work at Earthrise Law Center as Summer Law Clerk, at Lewis & Clark Law School as Symposium Editor and Research Assistant, at Bullivant Houser Bailey as Law Clerk.

He is currently engaged to his girlfriend Marley Jade and lives in Portland, Oregon with her. 

Brother Ryan Masser

Ryan is the second child of Yvonne. He celebrates his birthday on July 19. He is currently working as a Creative Copywriter for Freelance.

Ryan has gone to different colleges before his graduation. He was admitted to the College of the Redwoods, Los Angeles Valley College, and Suffolk County Community College.

Ryan is currently working to write novels
Ryan is currently working to write novels ( Source : instagram )

The creative copywriter is currently enrolled at Southern New Hampshire University, where he is learning a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing.

Other than that, he is also an author. He has written Shadows in the Monastery, a fictional book.

Jayden Lives In LA With Her Family

Jayden Bartel family resides in Los Angeles, California where she stays with her father Sam and mother Yvonne.

Jayden was born on November 1, 2004. She is currently 18 years old. From a young age, she has been interested in dancing and singing.

She has been taking classes in ballet, singing, songwriting, acting and musical theater from the age of eight.

Her full name is Jayden Isabel Bartels. Besides appearing in Dance Moms and all, she has also acted in Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, When Pigs Fly, To the Beat!, Family Reunion, Group Chat and The Really Loud House.

The new rising star of Nickelodeon's Side Hustle's Jayden
The new rising star of Nickelodeon's Side Hustle's Jayden ( Source : instagram )

In 2018, the actress also released her solo album written by her. With its success, she is continuing her passion for creating music.

As a dancer, she has been signed by The Movement Talent Agency. She is also part of the Millennium Dance Crew. 

Talented as she is, she is also a good soccer player. She played matches with her team from time to time and has consecutively won soccer championships for two straight years. 

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