Where Is Jane Marczewski aka Nightbirdie Husband Jeremy Claudio Today?

Jane Marczewski appeared on America’s Got Talent
Jane Marczewski appeared on America’s Got Talent( Source : twitter )

Jane Marczewski, the ex-wife of singer Jeremy Claudio, was an American singer and songwriter. She has auditioned on America's Got Talent and is in the heart of the audience and judges. 

Marczewski was a singer who grasped the Golden Buzzer on the stage of the talent show America's Got Talent. She made her impression in 2021 and took her last breath in 2022. The singer has made a song related to her life, 'It's Ok, glorified by the people. 

Where Is Jane Marczewski, aka Nightbirdie Husband Jeremy Claudio Today?

Claudio may be in Nashville after his split with her ex-girlfriend Marczewski. Jeremy is a singer based in Nashville. He was the former husband of the singer Jack. Also, the singer is a member of the Tiger Drive band as a foreman. Besides this, Claudio is the producer. 

Claudio was born in New York City. He got brought up by his parents, Benjamin Claudio and Nicole Maria Mendoza Wise. The singer has two siblings named Patty and Susan. Also, he has appeared as drummer and guitarist of his band. The musician has made collaboration with various artists. 


Further, Claudio and Marczewski got engaged in March 2015. They have transferred their beautiful journey via Instagram. The couple got married after four months of their engagement. On July 5, 2015, both singers connected in a marriage relationship at an eclectic old-school restaurant and cafe in Newark, Ohio. 

In 2017, Marczewski got identified with breast cancer. Although she has gone through the medical process, cancer yielded again in April 2019. Later in 2020, the couple got divorced. However, the pair have not announced their reason for the separation. 

AGT Golden Buzzer Winner Jane Marczewski Family Details

Marczewski was born to her family in Zanesville, Ohio, United States, on December 29, 1990. She was born to caring and supportive parents, Mitchell C. Marczewski and Jane Kristen Marczewski. She had six siblings. She has got the hand of her family and friends until her last breath. 

Jason Marczewski, John Jr. Marczewski, Michael Marczewski, Mitch Jr. Marczewski, Andrew Marczewski, and Katelyn Marczewski are the brother and sister of the singer. Jane has shown interest in music from a young age. She has written a song since she was 6. 

Moreover, Jane used to help her mother to write lyrics. She was a Christian and used to participate in various activities in the church ministries. The singer has completed her graduation from Licking County Christain Academy. Later, the singer completed her bachelor's degree at Liberty University in Marking communication. 

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Jane Marczewski Death From Illness

Marczewski has dead at a young age on February 19, 2022. She died of breast cancer in San Clemente, California, the United States, at age 31. Before her death, she made her impression on America Got Talent in 2021. 


Furthermore, Marczewski has worked on her two Eps and singles. She got the Golden Buzzer for her song, 'It's Ok.' This song has got a million views on Youtube. Perhaps, her original single got praised by the audience and judges. 

Afterward, Marczewski cannot obtain in the talent show because of her worsening health condition. She emerged on the stage on the video call. She has got a serve health condition and quit her quarterfinals competition. 

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