James Hahn Parents: Meet Hahn Byung-il And Hahn Sophia

James was born to Hahn Sophia and Hahn Byung-il.

James grew up in Alameda, California, after being born in Seoul, South Korea.

He played college golf at the nearby University of California, Berkeley, and went pro after graduating in 2003.

He had previously played on the Canadian Tour, Korean Tour, and Gateway Tour.

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James Hahn Family Tree Explored

James's parents moved to the Bay Area from South Korea in early 1980. Hahn was raised in Alameda, California.

Prior to joining the Nationwide Tour in 2010, he had previously played on the Canadian Tour, Korean Tour, and Gateway Tour.

Despite his Korean ancestry, James is an American.

Does James Hahn Have A Brother? 

Tom Hahn is James's brother.

Tom Hahn, unlike his younger brother, has remained silent.

He is not well-liked and has chosen to keep his private life private.

Regardless of James Hahn's status, Tom Hahn and his parents choose to keep their lives private.

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Hahn Byung-il And Hahn Sophia Networth: What Is Their Annual Salary?

The net worth and occupation of Hahn Byung-il and Hahn Sophia are unknown.

In 2022, however, James Hahn has a net worth of $10 million. His salary is $284,754. According to SupriseSport, he attributes much of his financial wealth to his successful golf career.

James earned $327,000 in his final season of 2019/20 despite playing only 12 tournaments.

The player has numerous national and international brand endorsements.

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