Jaclyn Hill On TikTok as Jacattack, Meet Her On Instagram

Jacattack, aka Jaclyn Hill's popularity, has reached TikTok as she has acquired thousands of followers. Here's what you need to know about the beauty guru.

Jaclyn Hill or Jacattack on TikTok is one of YouTube's pioneer makeup and beauty guru.

She has won many hearts and angered some of them throughout these years.

As a well-known internet personality, Hill has seen it all on the web, including her fame on most social networking sites.

The famous beauty pro-turned entrepreneur is making the headlines with her TikTok videos.

Who Is Jacattack On TikTok?

Jacattack is the username of Jaclyn Hill on TikTok.

She has gained a significant number of 348k followers on the video-sharing platform at the moment.

@jacattack New Jaclyn Roxanne jewelry launching 2.14.22 ❤️‍?? #fyp #jewelry ♬ Forever - Labrinth

Her TikTok videos are mainly related to her makeup and home decor, while she also uploads on her happy home time.

Jaclyn's choice of making TikTok videos have only added to her fame to obtain loyal fans.

Jacattack Wikipedia and Age Explored

Jacasttack's real name is Jaclyn Roxanne Eilers Hill.

She took upon the last name Hill after her first marriage to Jon Hill.

Jacasttack's current age is 31 years old as of 2022. She was born on July 20, 1990, in Illinois.

When she was eight, her whole family traveled as her father was an evangelist.

Thus, she had been to countries like India and Honduras. Meanwhile, she was homeschooled and later dropped out of college in her freshman year.

She started her makeup career by working for MAC cosmetics and later started her YouTube channel in 2011.

After the huge success of her celebrity makeup tutorials, she became a well-known makeup artist among celebrities.

The global fashion icon Kim Kardashian was also featured in her YouTube videos.

 Thus, enjoying a great internet career, Jaclyn started Jaclyn Cosmetics in 2019.

Sadly, the business venture did not go as planned as a petition regarding her products' authenticity.

Netizens had called out Jaclyn for the allergic reactions to the Jaclyn Cosmetics' lipsticks.

As of 2021, Jaclyn has seen a boom in her makeup business and learning new ventures in life.

Meet Jaclyn Hill or Jacattack On Instagram

Jaclyn Hill s active on Instagram under the username @jaclynhill instead of Jacattack.

She is verified on the site with more than 7 million followers on her account.

Her Instagram posts are mainly dedicated to her makeup stints and her pictures with her fiance.

Jacattack Boyfriend: Is She Married?

Jacattack or YouTube's Jaclyn Hill is not married.

Instead, she is engaged to be married soon to her boyfriend, Jordan Torrey aka, Jordan Farnum.

Jordan is also a fellow YouTuber known for his MoreSeasoning channel, related to cooking and sharing recipes.

The two YouTubers have found love and are soon to get married.

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