Isla Traquair And Her Husband Neil McIntosh Were Married For Certain Period

Isla divorced her Neil in 2007 and started to live a separate life
Isla divorced her Neil in 2007 and started to live a separate life( Source : instagram )

Isla Traquair husband Neil McIntosh is the Managing Editor of BBC Online. Isla and Neil separated in 2007.

The Scottish television host is famous for her current show This Morning. Along with being a host, she is also a producer and journalist having years of experience.

The host has also worked in the tv channels such as STV, Channel 5, and ITN. She is involved in UK journalism and North America, where she worked for Buy.o.logic for the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Along with her journalism, she is very active in her charity work. She once took a ten-day challenge through Thailand's dense forest of the Sangklaburi jungle.

This helped the group to raise around thirty thousand pounds. Other than charity, she is also an avid dog lover. She has named her Bu and is very close to her. 

Isla Was Previously Married To Neil

Isla Traquair and her husband Neil McIntosh divorced after being together for some years. Isla and Neil now live separate lives.

The couple had not spoken about how they met each other and when they were married, but they filed for divorce in 2007. In one of her Instagram posts, she opens up about Neil marrying a man. So, we can be sure that Neil is currently married.

On the other hand, the host is currently enjoying her single life. But in one of her recent posts on her Instagram, she is seen wearing a beautiful dress and a necklace.

She also wrote," I sometimes wear a dress and lippy. But only for special people on special occasions." This shows that she is seeing someone currently.

Though only the future will tell who she is seeing right now. 

Neil is a Scottish journalist and one of the prominent figures in blog writing. He was born on 16 February 1974 in Glasgow, Scotland. 

Neil is the news editor for The Scotsman
Neil is the news editor for The Scotsman ( Source : scotsman )

He completed his studies at Edinburgh Napier University with a diploma and bachelor's degree in journalism. After that, he completed his master's degree in business administration from The Open University. 

McIntosh has worked chiefly as the editor for big news corporations such as Teletext, The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, BBC Online, and currently in The Scotsman.

He is also one of the trustees of the Palace for Life Foundation, an official charity working for the south London community for more than 25 years.

Isla Family Are His Supporter

Isla Traquair family consists of her caring parents her father and mother and her three lovely brothers. They share a close bond.

Her Father

The host's father is Ian Traquair who used to work as a software engineer. He is the owner of the Exploration & Production Information Company Ltd. 

He was the chairman of an innovative company responsible for developing and implementing a Personnel Tracking System in offshore oil industry hazardous locations. 

He has been involved in this industry for more than 45 years and is currently retired. He took his retirement in 2022.

Ian Traquair is enjoying his retirement with his wife
Ian Traquair is enjoying his retirement with his wife ( Source : instagram )

Her Mother 

The journalist's mother is Maureen Traquair, who is currently working as an Education Manager for OPITO. She completed her education at the University of Aberdeen in 1971. Later she took teachers training at Aberdeen Teacher Training College.

Maureen was a mathematics teacher for more than 30 years to raise her family. Later she worked as an Education Coordinator for BP Education School Link Scheme. She also worked for Fifth Ring as an Education Manager.

Maureen Traquair is very loved by her daughter Isla
Maureen Traquair is very loved by her daughter Isla ( Source : instagram )

Her Siblings

Though Isla is said to have three brothers, not much is known about them. The brothers' names are Alastair and Douglas. Her small brother's name has not been mentioned. However, she does call him "wee bro" most of the time.

Isla Appeared For An Interview On "In This Morning"

Isla Traquair This Morning interview was regarding the stalking case by her neighbor who has caused her some mental instability. 

The news presenter had to endure countless months of sleepless nights and panic attacks when her neighbor Jonathan Barrett became infatuated and was starting to become obsessed with the reporter. 

Stalking her, staring into her bedroom, roaming around her house, and standing on her wall to look through windows became a daily occurrence for Traquair had to go through. This caused her mental and physical stress. 

So, she had to involve the authorities for her safety, and she had been to the studio to tell her nightmare that she had to pass on through.

Isla and Gyles in This Morning show
Isla and Gyles in This Morning show ( Source : instagram )

The journalist started her journalism at the age of 15. She started her training with Aberdeen Journal and stayed with the group for five years. Later she moved to Grampian Television now STV North in 2001 as a reporter, presenter, and producer for North Tonight, Grampian News, and others.

Afterward, she moved and worked for ITV in 2006 as a national correspondent in London. Only after two years, she moved to Channel Five to work as a correspondent for Five News where she worked with Matt Barbet. 

Now, she has her own media house where she works as a host, producer, and Journalist. 

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