Isaah Yeo Parents Ethnicity Explored- Personal Details On Amy And Justin Yeo

An Australian professional rugby player, Isaah Yeo, has highly supportive parents. Let's learn a little more about them.

Isaah Yeo is an Australian professional rugby player. He is a Ruby Football League player.

He is a second-row forward who locks in his position. He used to be a center before switching to forward.

Isaah Yeo Parents Ethnicity

Justin Yeo is Isaah Yeo's father and Amy Yeo is his mother. The public is unaware of any information about Isaah's mother. 

Their ethnicity details also haven't been opened up to the public.

Justin was born in Australia and holds Australian citizenship. He is a New South Welshman, not a Chinese.

While most Chinese and Koreans have the surname Yeo, it is also a surname used by English people. Because of his last name, some people may mistake him for Chinese or Korean.

About Justin and Amy Yeo's Career

Justin was born in the Australian city of Dubbo, in the state of New South Wales.

He was a professional rugby player in the past. From 1998 to 1999, he was a member of the National Rugby League.

Amy Yeo's professional as well as family background is still missing on the Web. His son hasn't revealed any details related to her on the Web.

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Details On Justin and Amy Yeo Children

Justin and Amy Yeo have four children together. Isaah Yeo, Ariah, Zali, and Xavier are their children's names.

Issah Yeo was born in the Australian city of Dubbo in the state of New South Wales. He was born and reared in New South Wales, Australia.

Before joining the Penrith Panthers, he played junior football at St Johns, Dubbo, and CYMS.

Meet Isaah Yeo On Instagram

@isaah yeo is Isaah's Instagram handle. He has a 21,000-follower Instagram account. He announced on Instagram that his wife Ash Leigh is expecting a child.

On his profile, he has a lot of images of his wife and his team, Penrith Panther.

He has represented New South Wales at the national level. He has also represented New South Wales Blues at the national level.

Who Is Isaah Yeo's Wife?

Isaah Yeo is happily married to his wife, Ash Leigh.

Ash is a 22-year-old man. She is presently pregnant with Issah's child and expects to give birth this year.

She is about seven months pregnant and is busy preparing for the arrival of her child.

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