Is Willow Sick On General Hospital? Fans Wonder What Might Be Wrong With Her On The Show

Willow Tait on General Hospital
Willow Tait on General Hospital( Source : soapcentral )

On the daytime soap opera General Hospital on ABC, Willow Tait is a fictitious character. She is the adopted daughter of Douglas Miller and his ex-wife Lorraine Miller as well as late Dr. Silas Clay and his ex-wife Nina Reeves's daughter.

Katelyn MacMullen has taken on the role since the character debuted on October 18, 2018.

Is Willow Sick On 'General Hospital'?

Willow Tait's recent appearance at the General Hospital has got fans extremely concerned about her health. In the episode on March 18, 2022, she suddenly fell unconscious after the series of stress she had been going through. 

Now with this, fans think this is not just a one-time issue, but she is suffering from something serious. The theories pop out on the Internet regarding what might have happened to the character. 

From her adoptive mother's death to other bumpy rides, things have not panned out well for Willow on the show. One problem after the other, the storm in her life, does not seem to settle at all. Further, her passing-out scene clearly shows there is going to be a bigger obstacle in her way. 

Fortunately, she was saved by Epiphany Johnson (Sonya Eddy) and TJ Ashford (Tajh Bellow). Epiphany was still worried about Willow's health despite the fact that they attended to Willow and performed blood tests, which yielded normal results.

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What Is Wrong With Willow Tait On The Show?

As the episode where Willow faints airs, Twitter goes crazy with their own hypothesis on what will happen to the fate of this character on 'General Hospital. One of them says that she needs a sandwich after the weakness, while others are genuinely concerned about her wellness. 

There are groups of people who strongly think that the makers are planning to kill the character off, hence the illness track on the show. Similarly, the character can also be pregnant. Nonetheless, everything will be unfolded as the future episodes air. The spoilers do not seem to be authentic enough for now. 

Besides everything, the mere conversation going on around the possibilities is a plus for the show and its ratings.

Willow hasn't had any spells, and the reason for her fainting was never identified. But that's about to alter. As per the Cheatsheet, it's predicted that Willow will be given a diagnosis with the condition that needs a biological parent's donation.

Similarly, she is always exhausted, according to SoapHub, but nobody seems to notice, indeed not Michael. She nearly fell into the pool yesterday because she appeared deadly, and according to General Hospital spoilers, something significant is about to happen that will lead to a dramatic reveal. They do not seem to talk about the specific like the other sites.

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