Is Will Smith Arrested On Assault Charges? Chris Rock Slap Video Uncensored On Twitter & Reddit

Will Smith is not currently arrested but the commentators highlighted that that actor might be detained.

The American actor, Will Smith, won the Best Actor award in the Oscars 2022.

He was given his first Oscar award for his incredible performance in the movie King Richard.

However, it is not only his Oscar trophy that the actor is in the headlines for.

Will marched to the stage, after hearing a joke about his wife Jada, and slapped the comedian Chris Rock for making fun of Jada's hair loss.

In case you don't know what the comedian actually said and why it offended Will Smith, you can read the full explanation in another article here.

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Following the incident, many people are wondering if the actor is arrested for assault charges.

Is Will Smith Arrested On Assault Charges?

No, Will Smith is not yet arrested on assault charges for what he did at the Oscars.

The incident took place before the actor was handed down his trophy for the Best Actor category.

He stepped on the stage and slapped Rock before he returned to his seat and said to the comedian to keep his wife's name out of his wife.

After the slap, the commentators of the ceremony were saying that the actor might get arrested for what he did on the show.

They highlighted that Will might get detained on assault charges if a police case is filed.

But as things stand, there is no update on this case.

During his award acceptance speech, Smith apologized to the fellow actors and other professionals on the show and said that the love for his spouse made him do it.

As things stand, there is no case filed against the actor for his actions.

We will have to wait for further updates if any issue develops on this matter.

Will Smith Slapped Chris Rock- Uncensored Video

You can find the uncensored video of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock in the above-mentioned post.

The TV show muted the conversation between the two of them after the actor hit the comedian.

But the Japanese version of the live stream showed the full clip without quieting it and the exchanges can be clearly heard.

After Rock got smashed, he said " Wow, Will Smith just smacked the shit out of me".

In response, Smith from his seat said the comedian to keep his wife's name out of his mouth.

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