Is Rapper Lil Travieso Dead? Pikes Peak Park Accident Update

Lil Travieso, a renowned rapper. ( Source : Instagram )

Lil Travieso is a renowned rapper who has recently been pronounced dead.

Rappers have been losing their lives constantly in recent years. From the death of many popular rappers such as Xxxtentacion, Juice World, Pop Smoke, and many more Lil Travieso has become the next rapper to lose his life.

Lil Travieso has recently passed away and his fans are shocked at the news. The music industry was in disbelief as RIP tributes for the deceased rapper flooded.

Is Rapper Lil Travieso Dead? Pikes Peak Park Accident Explored

It has been reported that Lil Travieso has died according to surfacing news.

Twitter user @NewWestCoastTV1 tweets about the news. According to the Twitter profile, it is the best place to get brand-new West Coast music.

A photo of the deceased rapper was included in the post by @NewWestCoastTV1. The photograph's caption explained that the rapper has sadly passed away due to a car accident in Pikes Peak Park and is no longer with us.

Several other sources have now confirmed the American singer's departure in the wake of the announcement. Fans are also devastated by this unexpected discovery.

In the rap scene, he was a rising star. He had a very successful future in front of him. The artist supposedly also abandons his little daughter. Twitter is flooded with the news of the rapper's passing and his fans have gone into shock upon hearing the news of the rapper.

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How Did Lil Travieso Pass Away?

The reason for Lil Travieso's death has not yet been made public yet but many Twitter users are claiming that the rapper passed away in a car accident.

The vast list of American rappers and hip-hop musicians who passed away at a young age now includes Travieso. For instance, in 2018, the well-known rapper XXXTentacion passed away from gunshot wounds.

Similarly, Mac Miller overdosed on drugs and died in 2018. Although some have passed away from other reasons, deaths from firearms and drug overdoses continue to be reported.

There are rumors that Lil Travieso was murdered with a gun. He had shared earlier images of himself with a pistol and made reference to it in his song. The precise reason for his passing has not yet been determined.

At the moment the fans have been trying to find out more answers about the young rapper's sudden passing. The rapper's family has not given out any statements regarding the rapper's passing so it is hard to tell what the cause of the rapper's death actually was.

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What Was Lil Travieso Net Worth?

Lil Travieso's estimated net worth was still under the radar during the time of his passing. However, the rapper was very renowned and had several hit songs.

He recorded songs like Bangin' the Park, P Thang, & Warzone despite being a newcomer to the music business. He already had over 16.7 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify and was confirmed.

Thuggin, out of all of his tracks, has received more than 335 thousand streams from fans. The song, on which he and Lil Nate cooperated, has received 1.5 million views on youtube alone. In addition, the LatinBeastTV label signed him.

Nonetheless, the rapper was living a good life and had a huge fanbase. His fans are devastated at the news and have been expressing their gratitude through several social media accounts.

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