Is Nikki Battiste From CBS Mornings Really Pregnant Based On Her Appearance?

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Nikki Battiste, a CBS news correspondent, was born In the United States state of Pennsylvania in a small rural community called Newport. The reporter's pregnancy rumors have taken away the Internet currently. Let's find out what's the current update in her married life.

 Is Nikki Battiste From CBS Mornings Pregnant?

Nikki Battise from CBS morning is most probably pregnant. Her recent social media activity has led to this speculation, and fans can't wait to learn if it is actually true or not.Β 

When she was expecting for the first time in the year 2020, her show 'CBS morning' congratulated her. Similarly, they even put out a tweet when she gave birth to her first son. That particular tweet has been pinned by the reporter recently. This immediately started the pregnancy rumors.Β 

As far as her presence in the show is concerned, she is very much regular in the show and has not taken leaves. Further, her last show was an hour ago on West Coast. She seems healthy and fit for now, even if she is expecting.Β 

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Nikki Battiste's Husband, Dean Simpson

Dean Simpson, a soccer coach, and program coordinator, is Battiste's husband. They initially connected in the Standard Hotel Biergarten in New York City in May 2012. Dean said he admired Nikki's beautiful smile, composure, elegance, and fascination during their talk.

A mutual friend had said to Battiste that she wanted Battiste to meet this incredible, alluring Welsh man who lived in New York. Six months prior, they were supposed to get together. They continued dating for two more years.

By throwing a surprise rooftop party in New York with Nikki's friends and family, Nikki proposed to Battiste. For his partner, Simpson worked with jewelry designer Lindsey Scoggin to craft a stunning oval ring. In accordance with local customs, Battiste and Simpson were married in 2018 at Oheka Castle.

The setting was made plain and uninviting. She said she was fortunate and that her husband Dean had thought a lot about the day. Battiste praised Simpson as being the most upbeat, beautiful, kind, and gentle person she had ever encountered.


Nikki Battiste Baby Bump Photos

Nikki Battiste's baby bump pictures were viral on the web when she got pregnant the first time. However, when it comes to her alleged second pregnancy, there is nothing more than speculation among netizens.Β 

People on Twitter are trying to detect her growing tummy and extra visible fat; which can be due to the kind of clothing. The discussion seems to be forever ongoing. The bottom line is that Nikki will reveal it if the gossip has any truth. We will just have to wait.Β 

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