What Is Nessa Barrett Ethnicity - Is She Latina? Details About The Singer's Family

Singer and TikToker, Nessa Barrett
Singer and TikToker, Nessa Barrett( Source : instagram )

Nessa Barrett is one of the singer-songwriters whose career launched as a TikToker and made her way into the music industry.

Now the content creator is releasing songs that hit significant views, and recently she came out with a single called 'Die For You, which has over 6 million views on YouTube.

Let us learn more about the TikToker turned singer-songwriter, including her ethnicity, religion, family, and other social media platforms.

Is Nessa Barrett Latina - What Is Her Ethnicity?

Nessa Barrett has opened up about being of Puerto Rican descent, which could mean she is Latina. But the young singer was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.

Her Latino looks played an enormous role in her sudden rise to fame through TikTok since she blew up for her looks and lip-syncing and dancing videos on teh video-sharing app.

Nessa's fame on the app earned her the fame and platform to pursue her career as a singer in the long run. Tiktok was a stepping stone for the singer to enter the music industry.

However, the young musician has not cut all her ties with the video-sharing platform as she knows her fans are the reason for her success in the music industry.

Nessa Barrett's Religion - Is She Muslim?

In a former video, Nessa Barrett claimed she was Muslim, but everyone thinks it was a joke for her content. Barrett was raised in a Christian household by her parents in Los Angeles, so it is doubtful that she is Muslim.

Nessa Barrett claiming she is muslim
Nessa Barrett claiming she is muslim( Source : distractify )

Barrett did get caught up in a controversy a few years ago for throwing it back to Quran, which was highly disrespectful to the Muslim community and the religion itself.

During that time, Nessa clarified that her stepmother and her family were from Egypt, so she understood why everyone was angry at her.

Despite her connection to her stepmother's background, Nessa Barret is highly likely to be a Christian instead of a Muslim since she would not have dared to disrespect the religion if she was Muslim.

Nessa Barrett's Family Background: Her Family Members Explored

Nessa Barrett was born to a Christian family in Los Angeles where her father, Drew Barrett, was a businessman and Nessa's mother was a housewife on August 6 2002.

Her biological parents are divorced, and his father, Drew, has remarried a woman of Egyptian descent.

Nessa Barrett with her dad and her little brother
Nessa Barrett with her dad and her little brother( Source : pinimg )

Drew Barret was a former actor, songwriter, rapper, motivational speaker, and engineer and is very supportive of his daughter's career, be it music or her TikTok career.

When her Quran controversy was blowing up on the internet, Nessa's father went live to defend his daughter's actions.

Barrett's stepmother and her father have a son together who appeared on her TikTok videos, often named Julian Barrett.

Does Nessa Barrett Have An Instagram?

Apart from being a TikTok star and a singer, Nessa Barrett is also famous on Instagram, with over 7 million followers. With 248 posts on her Instagram with the username @nessabarrett, her bio reads musician, and her pronouns are she/her.

The musician frequently promotes her music on her Instagram and TikTok and posts pictures of herself with her dog and her friends.

Her content on her Instagram account is mainly focused on her music recently, which shows the young singer is serious about her musical career.

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