Is ldshadowlady Pregnant & How Old Is She? Real Name Of The Afterlife Minecraft Commentator

ldshadowlady is rumored to be pregnant after photos of her baby bump were shared on the web. Is she pregnant? Let's find out.

ldshadowlady is an English gamer, streamer, and YouTuber. She mostly plays Minecraft and is known for her Minecraft single-player series.

Through her gameplay and quirky sense of humor, ldshadowlady has garnered millions of subscribers and followers on different platforms. Besides Minecraft, she also enjoys playing Mini-games and random indie games.

Is Idshadowlady Pregnant? Her Baby Bump Pictures Explored

No, ldshadowlady is not pregnant.

She recently shared that she isn't pregnant and even showed her belly on the video. Furthermore, she also apologized if she disappointed anyone for being not pregnant.

There are rumors about ldshadowlady getting pregnant. Someone shared a picture of the streamer where she had a little bump on her belly which looked like a baby bump.

However, ldshadowlady has confirmed she is not pregnant and it wasn't a baby bump. There was a long debate among her followers about whether she was pregnant or not until she clarified it.

How Old Is ldshadowlady? Age Revealed

ldshadowlady's age is 29 years old as of 2022.

The YouTuber was born on October 7, 1992, in England. She started her YouTube journey back in January 2012 and has accumulated more than 3 billion views on her channel. Her YouTube channel has over 6.77 million subscribers. 

Her Wikipedia page is currently missing. However, we believe that she deserves a page to her name.

We hope to update more information as soon as possible.

What Is ldshadowlady's Real Name? Her Husband's Name Revealed

ldshadowlady's real name is Elizabeth Lizzie Dwyer.

ldshadowlady is married to her husband, Joel also known as SmallishBeans. The two met at GameFest and got married on May 11. 2019. They often different games together such as Minecraft.

We can find Lizzie on Instagram where her handle is @ldshadowlady. She has over 1.3 million followers on IG and has shared 1k posts with them.

Similarly, she is also active on Twitter and her username is @LDShadowLady. She joined the platform in February 2011 and has shared over 5k tweets with her 822.6k followers so far.

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