Is Josh Widdicombe Related To Ann Widdecombe? Relation Between The Comedian And Former Parliament Member

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Is Josh Widdicombe Related To Ann Widdecombe? The two professionally different comedians and Politicians are rumored to have a family connection in the media.

Josh Widdicombe is a British comedian and television host who has made many people laugh with his humor. He is a late-night comedy host on Channel 4. Since 2012, he has been a regular part of the show.

Funnily, the comedian is rumored to be related to another Widdecombe, Ann. Ann is a British politician and author with different professional background from Josh. 

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Is Josh Widdicombe Related To Ann Widdecombe? 

No, Josh Widdicombe, the famous comedian, is not related to Ann Widdecombe, a politician.

The only thing the two public figures are related by their surname only. Ann is a politician associated with the Reform UK party, which she joined in 2019.

She has previously served in the European Parliament representing the United Kingdom. All her political experience in writing, and she has authored multiple books.

On the other hand, Josh is a comedian with a high sense of humor. It would be funny if they were related and Josh cracking a joke about his related Ann on her political situation.

Family Background Of Josh Widdicombe And Ann Widdecombe Explored 

Ann Widdecombe has a rich family background. She was born and brought up by her parents, Rita Noreen and James Murray Widdecombe. 

She was born in a British catholic family, and the tradition was followed since her maternal grandparents' days. Due to military influence from her mom, Ann studied at Royal Naval School in Singapore.

On the other hand, Josh was born in London and grew up most of his life in Haytor Vale. The comedian has yet to mention his family details in the media. However, his family is British by nationality.

Josh attended Ilsington Church Of England Primary School and South Dartmoor Community College. The common upbringing of the two Widdicombe was that they were influenced by religion from a young age.

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Meet Josh Widdicombe And Ann Widdecombe On Instagram 

The renowned comedian Josh Widdicombe can be found on Instagram with the username @josh_widdicombe. However, Ann is not found on Instagram.

Josh is a verified user and has entertained his viewers with 897 posts on his profile. The comedian has managed to accumulate 366K people as his followers. 

He posts his skits and funny commentary regarding current issues on his profile. Most of his videos have received millions of views in total. Besides that, Ann has multiple dedicated fan pages that post about her activity on social media.

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