Is Elliana Walmsley Pregnant? 

There are rumors about Elliana being pregnant. However, neither she nor the people closed to her have said anything about it, so it can be speculated that this rumor is just another celebrity hoax on the internet.

She is a very young celebrity, so such rumors about her are very unlikely and should be handled with great care. Thus, people on the internet shole be conscious of the consequence before throwing unwarranted allegations.

If this rumor has any truth, there might be a proper statement from the Walmsley family. People will have to wait for a proper lucid statement from the family for verification.

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Elliana Brother - Allegations Against Her Brother Luke

Ellianahave has two brothers Jakeob and Luke. Among her two brothers, Luke is the one who makes a wide noise with his involvement in the various controversy. He accused his mother of abusing him and his siblings.

He said that their mom have assaulted them on numerous occasions, as per the Hollywood Mask report. However, Elliana denied all of his allegations and went on accusing him of abusing her.

As per her allegation, he abused her when he was 10 and she was 5. After which, she was traumatized by it, but she did not open up about it completely to the public.

Is Elliana Adopted?

Another rumor about Elliana is that she is adopted, which is baseless and has no substance to support it. She was born to Yolanda and Kevin Walmsley. She is very close to her parents.

They have been very supportive of her and always promoted her to improve. Her mother's support has been very crucial for her to be in the position she currently stands in.

Since she is a young and innocent girl, fans are worried for her and want the best things in her life.