Is Eddie From Blue Bloods Pregnant In Real Life? Why Is She Leaving?

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Vanessa Ray Liptak is a 40-year-old aspiring actress who had acted in the show Blue Bloods as Eddie Janko, and she is rumored to be pregnant in Real life. Let's find out more about her. 

Vanessa Ray is known for her roles in Pretty Little Liars, Suits, and her long-running show Blue Bloods. Vanessa is an accomplished actress known for her notable performances in her shows. 

She is an acclaimed actress who has also been rewarded for her roles, and she has a lucrative and long-running career with the TV's one of most long-running shows Blue Bloods. 

2022: Is Eddie From Blue Bloods Pregnant in Real Life?

In the storyline of Blue Bloods, there is the episode where Eddie is hinted at being pregnant as she is offended by her husband, Jamie when he states that a husband does not need to be affected if his wife is pregnant. 

Thus, taking offense at that remark, Eddie reacts strongly by dropping hints about her pregnancy. Likewise, in the Instagram post of Eddie, there were three babies; thus, the introduction of the baby in the series is inevitable. 

Moreover, Eddie has not been on social media. As she has not posted for quite some time, there are rumors from various tabloids and media that the actress has an inflated belly; thus, there are prospects for Eddie in real life to be pregnant. 

Likewise, Vanessa has been together with her husband for a long time; thus, it is likely that the couple was waiting for an opportunity. They are having a baby together in the coming time. 

Why is Eddie Leaving?

Eddie does not seem to be leaving the show anytime soon; it is good news to the fans, as the actress seems to be loving her time on the set and production of the show. 

Consequently, if the actress is likely to be pregnant, then there are chances for her to continue acting and taking time off to manage her health.

The introduction of the pregnancy storyline seems to facilitate the actress to balance her personal and professional life, respectively. 

Vannessa Ray; Eddie is much-loved in the show. She puts up a convincing and engaging performance for her audience to empathize with her character. 

Hence, she is an extraordinary addition and an asset to the Blue Bloods show; thus, the actress is unlikely to leave soon. 

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Eddie's Instagram Revealed

As in Vanessa Ray, Eddie seems to have quite a several followers on her Instagram page. She has nearly about 600k followers, and her Instagram handle is @vrayskull. 

Vanessa often posts about her projects, personal life, and her vacation with her husband. 

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