Is Detective Marcus Dante Leaving Equalizer? What Happened To The Actor Tory Kittles?

Many fans have been asking if Dante will be leaving the TV drama The Equalizer. Here's what's been making folks question and generating the speculations.

Tory Kittles, who plays the investigator Marcus Dante, is a well-known American actor. Kittles made his acting debut in the 2000 film Tiger land, in which he played Ryan.

He gained prominence throughout the years because of his numerous acting roles in films and television series.

Tory has recently been seen in the television drama The Equalizer, where he plays detective Marcus Dante.

In 2021, he made his debut appearance on the show as a top cast member. People have been wondering recently as to whether he is quitting his post.

Is Detective Marcus Dante Leaving Equalizer?

Detective Marcus Dante, played by Tory Kittles, lived a consistent life in recent episodes. The creators have yet to disclose if the plot will continue.

There is even more confusion because there is no preview for tonight's program. Tory, on the other hand, as well as the show's creators, is yet to comment on the reports.

Dante is an NYPD investigator that is involved in Robyn McCall's case. Fans would like to see more of Dante's persona on the show.

For the time being, fans will have to wait until the next episode to learn what detective Dante's future holds.

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What Happened to Actor Tory Kittles?

According to the most recent episode, Marcus Dante, the show's investigator, has been kidnapped.

Although many suspect gang bosses, the story surprise reveals that two fellow deputies were the masterminds behind it.

Fans are concerned that because Marcus' life is presently in jeopardy, they will not be seeing much more of him on the show.

The new episode of Equalizer, which is among the fan favorites, has been eagerly anticipated.

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Where Is Marcus Dante Going?

While fans have been wondering where Tory Kittles will appear in future episodes, he has chosen to remain silent for the time being.

His social media activity now indicates that he is still on the show. The upcoming Equalizer episode will tell whether he will return or go on to the next endeavor.

Meanwhile, fans continue to fabricate their theories about Dante.

One can get updated through the actor's verified Instagram handle under the username @torykittles.

He has accumulated more than 15.1k followers and has uploaded 128 total posts to his profile.

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