Fact Check: Is Chris Hemsworth Leaving MCU In 2022? Fans Reactions To The New Thor

Is Chris Hemsworth leaving MCU In 2022? After the new teaser of the much-awaited fourth sequel of the franchise "Thor" movie "Thor: Love And Thunder," fans are questioning whether this is the last time we see thor in MCU. Let's find out the bald truth.

Thor: Love And Thunder have created a record for not uploading the teaser for the movie while it is set to release in July. However, Marvel released the first-ever teaser of the movie on their official YouTube Channel.

The teaser has already crossed 19 million views, and fans are stunned by the cinematography and visual effect. Every MCU fan has ticked their calendar for July, when the movie will be released globally in the theater.

Is Chris Hemsworth leaving MCU? 

After the release of Thor's fourth sequel, fans are starting a rumor of Chris Hemsworth leaving the MCU. In the last sequence of the movie, the world witnessed the first appearance of Lady Thor, played by Natalie Portman. 

She grabbed Mjolnir with her hands in the last scene during the fight. The reaction of Thor was the same reaction from the fans all around the globe. However, with the inclusion of Lady Thor, fans are questioning whether this is the end for Thor.

Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Entertainment, has not clarified any details about Chris Hemsworth's inclusion in the future project of MCU since Guardian of the Galaxy is coming to an end, with the third part being it's last.

The hardcore MCU fans think that Marvel is trying to end the chapter of the old Avengers and are focusing on the new storyline. The appearance of Chris Hemsworth as Thor in the future is still unpredictable.

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Who Is The New Thor? Fans' Reaction To Jane Foster AKA Lady Thor Lifting The Mjolnir

Marvel Entertainment is all set to release the fourth sequel of the movie franchise "Thor." Lots of exciting things were captured in a minute-long teaser released by Marvel on the 18th of April.

However, Jane Foster, played by Natalie Portman, lifting the Mjolnir is the money maker. She is presently Trending on Twitter in the Entertainment section.

The Australian actor Chris Hemsworth accompanied by Natalie Portman serves as the lead character in the movie. However, this could be one of the transition-phased movies where Chris passes on his legacy as Thor to Jane to be the next Thor.

Marvel has even hinted at a return of Jane Foster as Lady Thor in the MCU. She could be featured in different movies that follow the timeline of the present universe. The future of MCU looks promising with new powerful characters driving justice with their power.

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