Is Callie Bundy Pregnant With Boyfriend? How Old is Her Age in 2019
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How do people become famous? Because of their work right. They do something interesting or different and get fame. Likewise, the person we will be talking in the article is famous because of her enthusiasm for fitness and sports. She is known to the people as the fitness model. Her name is Callie Bundy. She is famous for influencing people towards sports and fitness.

If you want to know more about this influencer then go through this article till the end.

Is Callie Bundy Pregnant with Boyfriend?

Callie Bundy has mentioned a very private life. When it comes to sharing her personal information she is very secretive and private. However, we have collected information about her pregnancy from different sources.

Yes, Callie Bundy is pregnant. In addition, she is 5 months pregnant. And this is million-worth news because she has not revealed this information to any media sources. She has managed to hide her all relationships and dating information from the media. She is already near her due date but also has managed to hide this news from the public.

Moreover, talking about the father of the child, it’s her boyfriend.

However, the detail of her boyfriend is not available. But once said mentioned about the twin brother of her boyfriend. She said he was inspired by her when she competed at Olympia. So, he also decided to participate in Eastern USA’s men’s Physique.

In 2017, there was a rumor that she is dating former football player Rob Gronkowski. They were seen together several times. But we are not sure about their relationships.

Finally, in the 8th May 2019, she revealed the news about her pregnancy through her Instagram account. After all, people would know because her belly size is increasing. She shared about her pregnancy with a very long caption. Check this out.

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Bloated or ate too many burgers?!? 😆 For the past few months many of you have been asking me if I’m ok, that I seem a lil less active on social, that I don’t seem to be working out as much, or why haven’t I been throwing things etc. I don’t ever post about my private life on social, most of the people I hang with, my family & friends have nothing to do with it so I’ve always chosen to keep it off social. But yes, I have been less active, because I’ve been busy working on my best trickshot yet haha! It’s #yourmom for real now guys, now not just because I’ve always liked Mom jokes (although that will never change). We couldn’t be more stoked, we’ll at least I’m getting there now the morning sickness has finally gone away haha. I understand if you want to checkout as some of my content will be changing just slightly, but thank you if you choose to stay! I’ll still be posting about all the same kinds of things fitness, sports, #pieholereports, throwing things etc. it’s just in a little bit there will be a new addition 🤗 Side note @myhomiemoxie definitely knew before we did, he started not wanting to leave my side like ever even for food haha he’s the best. Now, who can guess what I’m having??! thanks to @blanqigirls for the perfect Mommy leggings 🤰 #yourmom #5months #cantsleep #butcantwait

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How Old is Callie Bundy Age in 2019?


Callie Bundy has not revealed the information about her age and birthday. As mentioned earlier, she doesn’t share her personal information. And she likes to keep it that way.

Callie Bundy Body Measurements (5 feet 8 inches)

Callie Bundy stands about 5 feet and 8 inches tall. It’s about 1.76 meters. That’s a pretty good height for a model. In addition, talking about her body, she weighs about 57 kilograms. She has a perfect curvy body and looks effortlessly elegant in it.

Moreover, she is a fitness model which makes it very obvious for her to have a very well maintained body. She workout a lot in her Gym and maintains her physique through different types of exercises including weight lifting, plank, and squat.

In addition, she is famous not only for her well-maintained body and fitness but also of her personality and good looks. She is a very fun-loving person with lots of energy and positivity. Because of her soothing personality, she has grabbed millions of audience’s attention. Talking about her interests, she spends lots of her time doing different sports like basketball and soccer. And she enjoys running very much.