Is Ava Jerome Leaving General Hospital? What Happened To Maura West On The Show?

Ava Jerome, the character played by actress Maura West may leave the show
Ava Jerome, the character played by actress Maura West may leave the show( Source : twitter )

Ava Jerome, the fictional role in the General Hospital, fears leaving the show.

Ava Jerome is a fictional character played by the Emmy Award winner Maura West. She made her first impression on the ABC network, an American soap opera, General Hospital, on May 8, 2013. In the series, Ava is a member of the Jerome crime family. 

Moreover, Ava is the only daughter of Victor Jerome, characterized by Jack Axelrod, and Ryan's Hop's Delia Ryan, portrayed by Ilene Kristen. She is the half-sister of Evan Jerome, Olivia St. Jhon, and Julian Jerome. Ava is the youngest member of the family. Tonja Walker and William deVry played the role of her half-brother on the show. 

The story was written by American screenwriter Ron Carlivti and produced by Frank Valentini. Ava was the ex-lover of the fictional character Franco or Robert Frank. Lauren Katherine 'Kiki' Jermaine is the presumed daughter of Ava. 

Is Ava Jerome Leaving General Hospital?

Ava may leave the General Hospital after her death sequence in the series. The character discussed her death and wished for Silas. He said Ava wants to demise on her terms. There is no clue what happens next.

People assumed the character of Ava would leave after she presumed death in early 2015. After escaping from prison and being shot by Carlos Rivera for vengeance. Ava caused him to be imprisoned in the previous episode. However, at that time, people honored her, but eventually, she survived the attack. 

Ava Jerome dressed in Cruella DeVille's Halloween costume
Ava Jerome dressed in Cruella DeVille's Halloween costume ( Source : twitter )

Silas Clay's by Michael Easton, who secretly hides Ava in a hospital, confirms she has cancer. She may be dying from cancer as the case is worse. Even a bone marrow donor is hard to find to save her. As a result, Silas euthanizes Ava wishes in the same year. 

Nonetheless, a weekly magazine covering American Soap opera Digest speculated it might be the character's final appearance in the show. General Hospital didn't comment on the West's contract status. Even Carlivati said that this might be the final farewell for Ava. 

In August 2020, the actress Amanda Setton took maternity leave after expecting her third child. 

What Happened To Maura West On The Show?

In the show, Maura West portrayed the role of Ava landed in a dangerous situation and even faced the life-threatening disease cancer. In the sequence, the character may face the mysterious villain and attack her fears in her life. 

In June 2016, Ava and Nikolas met on the plane to England. However, Nikolas was supposed to be dead in 2015 after the incident. While visiting, Ava and Nikolas had captured by Jixley Lynch, who traped them to his house. Both of them thought Nik was the person wanted by Huxley. 

Maura West nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her stellar portrayal of Ava Jerome
Maura West nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her stellar portrayal of Ava Jerome ( Source : twitter )

In demand of their release, they confront Nik. But, Huxley's motive was to capture Ava due to her Weeping Naiad ownership. They end up on Caddadine Island after their escape. Nik and Ava made their way to Greece. Also, they encountered Jason and Sam Morgan. 

Afterward, they contended to go back to join Nikolas's family members in Port Charles, and Ava and another member on Cassadine Island became captive by Valentin Cassadine. He held gunpoint at Ava in an attempt to save her life. Nevertheless, Nikolas falls out of a window after being shot. 

Willow Tait, a fictitious character on the daytime soap opera General Hospital on ABC, is the adopted daughter of Douglas Miller and his ex-wife Lorraine Miller who is assumed to be sick. 

Ava Jerome Plot Details

Ava is the mysterious and strong character in the General Hospital. She is the art dealer disclosed as the youngest child of Jerome's crime family. After her fake death in 2015, she had tracked down by Luke Spencer in New York City at her house. 

Luke confronted Ava to confess her involvement with artist Franci and father her daughter. After the shocking question from Luke, she knew that Franco was from a wealthy and powerful Quartermaine family. 

For the large sum of money. she convinces Morgan to call her and follow her daughter. Afterward, Ava confronts her daughter about her father. As a result, Kiki left the state in anger. 

In 2015, West was honored with Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series. She was co-named Best Overall Performance by an Actress. Also, she had nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress. She earned her fifth nomination n the Outstanding Lead Actress for Ava. 

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