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SAT is basically a admission test which is compulsorily taken by every students who want to pursue graduate degree in America. Its full form is Standardized Admission test. Its result shows up the student’s capabilities and potentiality to study further more. It comprises of Reading, writing and critical reasoning.

Students after their SAT results they will be in dilemma that is 1700 a good SAT score. With this score will they be able to join desired programs and colleges. Now time has come to clear your confusion that 1700 hundred is a very good and keeps you around 79 percentile. But the things to keep in mind that you must have a good GPA as well to get admission.

There is like 550 college who accept score of 1700 in SAT.

1. Judson University: Judson University is one of the oldest and best ranked universities from Illinois, Chicago. It has a wider space territory and well facilitated college ever. The numbers of students enrolled is like more than a thousand and has also received some awards for its better ranking. The cost of tuition depends on the courses structure but like in average it like 27, 500 American dollars in Approx.