Internet Asks " Is Maya Hawke Gay?" As Rumors About Her Sexuality Makes News

Maya Hawke as Robin in season four of Stranger Things ( Source : Strangerthings )

Maya Hawke, who starred as Robin Buckley in the Netflix hit show Stranger Things, has fans wondering about her sexuality. Fans are curious to know if the actor portraying the lesbian best friend on the show is gay in real life as well.

Hawke has always been overshadowed by her successful parents, being born to celebrity stars Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman but has recently made a name for herself, starring in some of the hit shows like Little Women and Stranger Things.

So, let us learn more about the actress's personal life focusing on her sexuality, boyfriend, past relationships, and dating life in detail.

Internet Asks "Is Maya Hawke Gay?"

After observing the excellent acting skills of the young actress Maya Hawke in Stranger Things as Steve Harrington's best friend, who is a lesbian, the internet is questioning if she is gay.

To answer the internet fans' curiosity about the actress's sexuality, unlike her character in the Netflix show, Maya Hawke is straight based on her dating history.

In the show, she portrays the co-worker of lead character Steve Harington who works at Scoops Ahoy in seasons three and four. Her character eventually gained a lot of attention and appraisal from the fans.

Seeing her portray her character so splendidly made fans believe that she was into girls in real life. However, the daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke is straight and has been seen dating male stars in the past as well.

Maya Hawke's Boyfriend Revealed

Maya Hawke is reportedly in a relationship with her boyfriend, Spencer Barnett. Hawke's boyfriend is the son of Shaklee Corporation CEO Roger Barnett and former Manhattan district attorney Sloan Barnett.

The couple has been together since early 2022 and met through the actress's brother, as per reports. Neither Maya nor Spencer has addressed the dating rumors yet, but they have not denied it either.

Maya Hawke and her boyfriend, Spencer Barnett in Manhattan
Maya Hawke and her boyfriend, Spencer Barnett in Manhattan ( Source : Dailymail )

Spencer and Maya were spotted together taking a stroll in New York City by paparazzi, which caused speculations of the youngsters being in a relationship.

They were again seen together on Valentine's day with some PDA involved which confirmed the rumors.

Maya Hawke's Dating Life In Detail

Maya Hawke has had her fair share of relationships, and her dating life has been eventful in her 23 years.

She was rumored to be dating a man who goes by the name Gus Wenner in mid-2018. There were multiple news reports about this relationship, but the actress kept it quiet.

Maya is not one to be open about her relationship with the media and the public. Hence, her relationship with Gus started and ended away from the eyes of the people.

Being the daughter of Hollywood's big names like Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke and the fame her acting career brought her, all eyes were on her.

Maya spotted with English actor, Tom Sturridge in the Hamptons in 2020
Maya spotted with English actor, Tom Sturridge in the Hamptons in 2020 ( Source : Sportskeeda )

In 2020, her name was again linked with another actor named Tom Sturridge as they were seen in the Hamptons together. What fueled the rumors were pictures of the couple walking together in New York City spotted kissing each other.

After the pictures went viral, the young actress saw the English actor sometime in late 2021 and never again.

It was speculated that the two broke up behind the scenes, and in early 2022, her present boyfriend Spencer made it into the scene.

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