20 Interior Design Styles Which Are Popular In 2023

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Designing your home is undoubtedly an exhilarating endeavor, but it can also become daunting, especially for those without professional interior design experience. Perhaps you're in the mood for a fresh aesthetic in your living space, or you've recently relocated and find yourself torn between various interior design styles.

The good news is that there's a design style to match every individual's unique needs and preferences. In this compilation, we've rounded up the top 20 most popular interior design styles for 2023 to ignite your imagination, help you craft your dream home, and offer a wealth of design inspiration.

1. Art Deco Interior Design

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The iconic Art Deco interior design style, which originated in France, is the epitome of elegance and opulence, making it an ideal choice for individuals with a penchant for ornate and jewel-like aesthetics. This timeless design movement emerged in the 1920s and thrived in the post-war era of America and Europe.

Characterized by its inherent elegance, glamour, and sleekness, the design displays angular patterns, intricate layering with lacquered wood, mirrored elements, bold curves, and a glossy paint finish. To enhance its luxurious appeal, the style further incorporates shiny brass and chrome fixtures.

2. Asian Zen Interior Design

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Asian Zen interiors are inspired by design elements from Asian countries such as Japan, China, Thailand, and Vietnam. It's a comparatively minimalistic yet uniquely layered look that perfectly blends natural fiber elements, colors, and bamboo taken from nature to craft a serene environment.

Furnishings may include hand-painted or lacquered ornamental designs. Accessories continue this dramatic style by showcasing mythical creatures and beast motifs, similar to dragons and monkeys, rendered in sculpture. The style replicates the contemporary design focusing on satiny lines, soothing ambient atmosphere, and incredible shapes.

3. Bohemian Interior Design

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The Bohemian interior design style presents a free-spirited aesthetics that is unquestionably heady and intoxicating. It embraces a comfortable fusion of vintage and antique furnishings with captivating crystals, beaded fabrications, jewel tones, and an overall relaxed mood.

Considered one of the most timeless and endlessly popular designs, this interior is perfect for those who dream of global adventures and a deep connection with nature. Its appeal lies in its total lack of strict rules: no set color schemes, texture limits, or constraints of any kind. Embrace your creativity, decorate with diverse elements, and enjoy the charming and effortlessly captivating look of boho decor.

4. Coastal Interior Design

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Inspired by organic oceanic materials, Coastal Interior Design creates a fresh and relaxed ambiance through the use of light, airy fabrics for window treatments and a focus on beach-inspired decor such as seashells and lighthouses. This design centers around bringing coastal features into your living spaces, providing a serene and coastal vibe.

Coastal color palettes typically feature soothing tones of light blues and greens inspired by the ocean, complemented by a range of creams and neutrals, which contribute to a tranquil and sophisticated atmosphere. The goal is to craft a sun-kissed ambiance by harnessing the beauty of natural light.

5. Contemporary Interior Design

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Contemporary interior design (distinct from modern design) typically showcases clean, sleek lines and large expanses of solid colors, which can range from muted neutrals to vibrant hues. Furniture in this design tends to have a minimalist, low-profile aesthetic, often characterized by metal frames and straight legs that emphasize basic shapes and forms.

Contemporary homes are known for their inviting, cozy, and warm atmospheres that can be adapted to every room in the house, whether it's the bedroom, living room, or kitchen. This design style often employs a color palette rooted in creams and warm browns, with occasional accents of jewel tones such as jades and mauves.

6. Eclectic Interior Design

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Eclectic interior design is an artful fusion of diverse design elements within a single space. It involves a carefully curated blend of decor items, bold textures, antique accents, and vibrant color patterns, all with the aim of creating a harmonious fusion that balances creativity, functionality, and focal points.

The color palette in eclectic design can range widely, from natural and muted tones to vivid and bright hues. It's important to note that eclectic style shouldn't be confused with haphazardly mixing random items; rather, the key lies in using the foundational principles of design (color, pattern, texture, composition) to ensure that the space maintains a cohesive look.

7. French Country Interior Design

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French country design draws inspiration from the rustic elegance of rural Provence homes, blending elements of antique French and farmhouse interior styles. This design style often incorporates a color palette featuring classic combinations like blue and yellow, as well as shades of cream, brick red, sage green, and lavender.

Key characteristics of this interior decorating style include the use of functional yet minimal furniture pieces such as coffee tables and dining tables, fabrics with soft patterns, muted color hues, distressed vintage accessories, and an abundance of natural materials like wood.

8. Hollywood Regency Interior Design

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A timeless and entertaining interior design choice, Hollywood Regency seamlessly combines Art-Deco-inspired elements with a sophisticated, high-polished glamour, offering a captivating and enduring aesthetic. Indeed, the design style seeks to revive the glamour and elegance of Hollywood's golden age.

The style combines French-inspired furnishings, vibrant color palettes, and opulent metallic gold and brass finishes. It incorporates elements like rich carpets, glamorous mirrors, dazzling chandeliers, and an abundance of shiny surfaces. It skillfully recreates the lavish decor associated with iconic historical film stars.

9. Industrial Interior Design

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Industrial interior design, as its name suggests, embodies a modern aesthetic characterized by an urban flair and a strong focus on factory-inspired furnishings. This design adopts a minimalist approach, allowing interior elements to take center stage. It evokes functionality and efficiency.

Embraced in rehabbed loft apartments and popular restaurants, industrial design is celebrated for its practice of revealing architectural elements such as pipes, ductwork, and brick walls. These industrial-style spaces are often characterized by open floor plans, expansive windows, neutral color palettes, and furniture crafted from rustic wood, metal, and leather.

10. Mediterranean Interior Design

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True to its name, Mediterranean interiors draw inspiration from the coastal regions of Greece, Spain, and Italy. This design approach infuses spaces with a distinct and stylish character while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic that is ideal for indoor-outdoor living.

The Mediterranean style is renowned for its refreshing ambiance, inviting coziness, and predominant use of natural materials such as terracotta, wood, stone, and cotton. It uses plenty of natural light and incorporates warm, sun-kissed tones in its color palette. This style effectively channels the warm and laid-back vibes of summer with a chic minimalist twist.

11. Mid-Century Modern Interior Design

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The Mid-Century Modern interior design style made its first splash following the Second World War. While this design style draws inspiration from the 1950s and 1960s, it exudes a clean yet very old-fashioned appeal that looks great in almost every room.

Its defining features encompass simple silhouettes, gentle fabric choices, organic forms, and an emphasis on functionality. Typically, it embraces a color palette of yellow, brown, green, and orange. The style offers an effective means to refresh and update traditional design spaces.

12. Minimalist Interior Design

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The minimalist interior design style features minimalism in every aspect of interior decor, from simple furnishings to neutral color schemes and practical yet understated accessories. It revolves around a streamlined, uncomplicated, and purpose-driven aesthetic.

When thinking of minimalist interior design trends, envision the precision and cohesion found in modern art galleries or museums. This approach involves selectively curating a space with only the most essential elements while maintaining a vibrant sense of drama, whether through organic or abstract aesthetics.

13. Modern Farmhouse Interior Design

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Modern farmhouse interior design seamlessly connects us with nature through its abundant use of natural materials and purposefully crafted furniture. This approach skillfully brings a rustic farmhouse ambiance to urban settings amidst concrete landscapes.

This beloved style evokes soothing nostalgia through its traditional decor elements, focusing on practical repurposed furniture and natural materials that infuse a rustic and vintage allure. In modern farmhouse spaces, a harmonious blend of contemporary and antique decor ensures a clutter-free and balanced environment.

14. Modern Interior Design

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Modern interior design is defined by its clean and simple color schemes that evoke a welcoming atmosphere. It features individual elements that are sleek and uncluttered, often incorporating heavy use of glass and steel and much-cherished siding replacements that date back in historical times.

The color palette is typically dominated by 'black and white, occasionally accentuated with subtle shades of blue, red, and other primary colors. It also features incredible geometric patterns, abstract spaces, layering textiles, and textures that look neutral, inviting, and casual.

15. Rustic Interior Design

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Rustic interior design takes inspiration from the outdoors and combines farmhouse and industrial interior design styles, emphasizing natural and weathered finishes, leather, stone, and raw wood. The style possesses an irresistible charm that works in almost every space, from a city-center apartment to a family country home.

This style provides a perfect blend of practicality, functionality, and comfort. What's particularly appealing is the fusion of eye-catching statement furnishings with industrial-inspired pendant lighting and leather chairs in a rustic room.

16. Scandinavian Interior Design

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The Scandinavian interior design style is a harmonious mix of various design styles that emerged in the 20th century in northern European countries like Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland. Scandinavian design focuses on simplicity and functionality rather than decoration.

Hallmarks of this popular style include clean-lined furniture and neutral colors. Most decor items are rounded furniture, bare ornaments, organic detailing, and dominantly 'black and white color palettes. Touches of color are introduced through art and a single textile piece, such as a small throw or rug.

17. Shabby Chic Interior Design

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The Shabby Chic Style is defined by its laid-back vibes, antique-touch furniture, floral prints in muted colors, painted motifs, airy lighting fixtures, and a vintage-inspired charm. Inspired by a modern design, it also includes some elements of contemporary design.

The cottage-inspired aesthetic exudes a timeless, well-worn vintage charm. It incorporates elements that carry the appearance of age and wear, yet remain highly functional. At times, new items are intentionally distressed to achieve the antique look and feel.

18. Southwestern Interior Design

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Southwestern interior design is inspired by Spanish textiles, beige palettes, ironwork, and nature. It is a perfect blend of Native American and Spanish influence, generally characterized by warm, sun-washed hues, tile, handmade items, bright woven fabrics, and exposed ceiling beams.

It employs heavy use of suede, leather, and various other textures. The primary colors include cactus-green, terracotta, and rust, made even more prominent by bulky furnishings. It features a rustic appeal by mixing organic materials with earthy pastel shades representing sunset in a desert.

19. Traditional Interior Design

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Traditional interior design gathers inspiration from various iconic styles that flourished during the 18th and 19th centuries. It is easily identifiable by its inclusion of claw-footed tables, winged back chairs, and subtle hints of French Country style.

This design exudes an air of refinement and sophistication, characterized by impeccably crafted and elegantly finished wooden furniture. Soft, curvaceous lines, textile choices, intricate details, warm color palettes, and ornate moldings all play pivotal roles in defining the traditional style.

20. Transitional Interior Design

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The Traditional interior design is an interesting juxtaposition of the contemporary and traditional interior decor styles; it is a modern take on classic design components. It strikes a perfect balance between historic pieces and furnishings with upgraded silhouettes and materials.

Notable aspects of a transitional home include simple architecture, unfussy lines, well-defined focal points, subtle metallic accents, and an abundance of texture. At its core, the transitional style aims to craft a home that feels both traditional as well as modern at the same time.

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