Infidelity Movie (2023) Bet Plus Cast and Review

Infidelity is available on BET + plus to stream from March 2nd
Infidelity is available on BET + plus to stream from March 2nd( Source : instagram )

Infidelity Movie BET Plus cast are Dujuan Austin, Brianna Butler, Sarah Cigan, and Demorris Burrows. Infidelity is available to stream on BET+.

The movie is about a couple who lost their unborn child and both turn to infidelity to cope with the problem that they were facing.

As the film progresses, the truth is revealed about their extra-marital partners then the couple realizes that their marriage is at stake.

The movie is directed by Sherell Brown, who even wrote the script with the help of LaJill Hunt.

It is a BET+ original movie that has a runtime of three hours and is available to stream from their website.

Meet The Cast of Infidelity On BET Plus

 Infidelity movie BET Plus cast consists of Dujuan Austin and Brianna Butler in the main roles. The movie has Sarah Cigan and Demorris Burrows.

Dujuan Austin As Marcus

Dujuan Austin plays the character of Marcus, who is married to a woman and recently lost their unborn child.

The American actor was born in Chicago and had been performing since the age of three.

Dujuan playing basktball with his friends
Dujuan playing basktball with his friends( Source : instagram )

He was very passionate about acting and got training from the actor studio Chicago and Bill Dukes Master Acting Workshop.

Austin started his journey on Youtube and then moved to short independent films written by himself.

He is available on Instagram with the user handle @dujuanjr.

Brianna Butler As Shayla

Brianna Butler plays the role of Shayla who is the wife of the character Marcus.

She is best known for her role in Deadly Due Date and Christmas Dilemma.

Brianna Butler celebrating her birthday with her friend Randiv Daniels
Brianna Butler celebrating her birthday with her friend Randiv Daniels( Source : instagram )

Butler was not always an actor and also performed as a professional cheerleader for the Miami Heat of the NBA.

Her acting and versatile acting skills have been appreciated by critics and fans. 

Sarah Cigan As Raquel

Sarah Cigan plays the character of Raquel who is the extra-marital partner of Marcus.

She is one of the most popular actresses on streaming platforms. Cigan is known for her role in the HULU web series 'White' People Money for her role as Real Nora.

Sarah doing photoshoot with with Aarong
Sarah doing photoshoot with with Aarong( Source : instagram )

Cigan is also the voice of Miss Cunningham in the animated series Gangsta Island which has won multiple awards for its story.

She is active on Instagram with the user handle @sarahcigan

Demorris Burrows As Jamar

Demorris Burrows role of Jamar is truly unforgettable in the movie Infidelity.

He is known for his role in Common Ground, Chicago P.D., and Adullam.

Other Cast Members

  • Lem Collins As Swiss
  • Michelle L Lamb As Dr. Brown
  • Amariss Harris As Tamika
  • Jenean Coleman As Operator Voice

Infidelity Movie 2023 Review and Plot Summary

Infidelity is a BET romantic drama starring actors Dujuan Austin and Brianna Butler. In the film, Austin plays Butler's husband.

The film portrays the lives of the husband and wife who recently lost their unborn baby. 

Viewers of the film have mixed reactions as some liked the movie and some don't. They took over Twitter to tweet about their reaction after they watched the movie.

One of the viewers posted that everyone should watch the movie as it was too good. While another one said that it was not his Jam and didn't like the movie.

However, it speaks to a deeper issue in marriage and extramarital affairs. In the movie, it is clearly shown that Dujuan character is having an affair and it affects the relationship between the couple.

Some call the movie a wife's nightmare as it revolves around the spouse cheating on her.

The movie starts with the couple having a healthy relationship but it is affected when Marcus meets Raquel.

BET+ Original Movie | Infidelity ( Source : youtube )

They share an intimate moment and he keeps hiding it from his wife. Slowly they start to develop trust issues and she starts questioning him about his being.

A clip shows when Shayla asked him about where was he last night and why he didn't pick up a call, he lied by saying it was on silent.

After the truth comes out at the end of the movie the three come face to face with each other.

The trailer of the movie is available on Youtube. Sarah also shared a clip of the trailer on TikTok to tell her fans to go and watch the movie.

How To Watch Infidelity on BET Plus?

Infidelity premiered on March 2nd, 2023, and is only available on the streaming service BET Plus. The new streaming platform released the show at midnight 3 am ET.

It is an original series on the streaming service. It is run by Tyler Perry studios and Paramount streaming service.

While the subscription for the platform starts at $9.99 per month and is only available in the monthly plan. It can also be taken on a yearly subscription basis where the viewers can save up to 20%, and will only cost $94.99.

The service has over 2,000 hours of commercial-free content. The platform caters to celebrating American culture. Bet Plus celebrates upcoming actors and directors and encourages them to put their shows on their platforms.

If the viewers want to watch the show, they can add BET Plus via Prime video with the combined price of $24.98. It also comes with a seven-day free trial for first-time viewers.

It is also available on Roku as a Premium channel with the same price.

However, Bet Plus is available for US viewers only so other countries have to wait a while to watch the show.

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