Casey Deidrick Girlfriend Serena Muniz Is A Fitness Expert

Casey Deidrick and Serena Muniz attended Halloween party together in a couple's outfit
Casey Deidrick and Serena Muniz attended Halloween party together in a couple's outfit( Source : instagram )

Casey Deidrick girlfriend Serena Muniz is a fitness content creator. Casey and Serena appeared together for the premiere of HBO's The Last Of Us.

Casey is no stranger to television, having had his big debut on NBC's popular daytime drama Days of Our Lives, which ran for five years until he left and pursued other roles.

His work on the popular MTV series Teen Wolf & Eye Candy is what makes him most well-known among fans.

He has recently made another big splash with his appearance as the leading man in Hallmark's Wedding Season. He appears with actress Stephanie Bennett.

Hallmark's Wedding Season premieres on June 3, 2023 on Hallmark channel.

Serena Muniz Is A Fitness and Fashion Content Creator

Casey Deidrick girlfriend Serena Muniz is a content creator. She makes content on Instagram and Tiktok that are primarily focused on fitness, travel and fashion.

The couple has been in a relationship for over two years now. The first revealed their relationship when Serena posted a photo of them together on Halloween.

They were dressed as Joi and Officer X. Serena has a blue wig on while Casey looked almost as dapper as Ryan Gosling himself.

Casey dressed up as Officer K whereas Serena dressed as Joi for a Halloween party
Casey dressed up as Officer K whereas Serena dressed as Joi for a Halloween party( Source : instagram )

Serena lives an active lifestyle and makes inspirational fitness content on Instagram. She has gained a significant following on her social media. Besides, she also does some ad content and travel content.

Is Casey Deidrick Married?

No, Casey Deidrick is not married. He is dating his partner Serena for over two years.

The couple has kept their relationship away from social media and the internet but Casey recently took to Instagram to share a picture of the couple attending the HBO premiere of The Last Of Us.

Casey and Serena seemed very much in love as Casey planted a kiss on Serena's head on the carpet.

Besides, the Hallmark also supported his girlfriend when her veteran brother was battling for his life. Csaey stood besides her as she lost her brother on November 14, 2022.

A Look Into Casey Deidrick's Past Relationships 

Casey Deidrick has been in three relationships so far. He allegedly dated Kate Mansi in 2012 and Molly Burnett from 2009–2010. In 2021, he started dating Serena.

In 2017, Kate Mansi and Casey appeared together on Days Of Our Lives.

Mansi had two brief appearances on Days of Our Lives in November 2018 and 2019, after which she has continued to play Abigail.

Likewise, Casey was romantically involved with Molly Burnett in Days of Our Lives. The actors who portrayed Mel and Chad in the NBC series maintained their relationship after the cameras stopped rolling in 2009. 

However, just like his prior relationship, this was short-lived and ended in 2010.

Casey wished his co-star Perry Mattfeld on her birthday
Casey wished his co-star Perry Mattfeld on her birthday( Source : instagram )

Although they ended their relationship in real life, the actors continued their on-screen romance as "Chad" and "Melanie" in 2012. Molly is best known for playing Kelly Ann in the American television series Queen of the South.

Currently, he is in a happy relationship with Serena Muniz.

Casey Deidrick Career 

Even though Casey has loved acting since he was a little child, he didn't always envision himself making acting his job. In actuality, he briefly attended college after high school before leaving.

Casey intended to enlist in the Marine Corps, but his mother dissuaded him before he could do so. She encouraged him to think about acting and offered to cover the cost of his acting lessons.

Casey's high school play, Carousel, was his first foray into the theater. Actors like Heath Ledger and Leonardo DiCaprio serve as a source of inspiration for him.

He has had a lot of success over the years, but he has also faced a lot of rejection. After receiving numerous rejections, he thought about giving up acting altogether.

Casey Deidrick played the role of Chad DiMera on the NBC's Days of Our Lives.
Casey Deidrick played the role of Chad DiMera on the NBC's Days of Our Lives.( Source : instagram )

Breakthrough Roles 

In the final season of the popular MTV series Teen Wolf, Casey co-starred as Halwyn, a 100-year-old Hellhound.

In one of Casey's other appearances, he played an NYPD Cyber Unit detective looking into a serial killer in MTV's drama-thriller series Eye Candy with Victoria Justice.

He portrayed Tommy, a detective who worked with Lindy, in the lead role (Victoria Justice).

Deidrick played the lead role in the full-length psychological suspense movie Painter in 2020. I

t tells the tale of how a wealthy art collector fixates on a young painter and how this fixation turns into a psychosexual relationship driven by envy and delusion. Casey portrayed Ryan West in the film.

Meet Casey Deidrick Parents 

Deidrick was born to Barry Jon Deidrick, an IBEW 332 Union electrician, and Denise Deck, a nurse.

His parents got a divorce when he was three years old. When Deidrick was 7 years old, his mother relocated to Arizona, leaving him to live with his father in Hollister, California.

Later, he started skating. At age 15, Casey relocated to Highland Ranch, Colorado, where he finished high school while living with his mother.

He honed his snowboarding and skateboarding abilities there in Colorado on the ski slopes.

Casey Deidrick is an avid dog lover
Casey Deidrick is an avid dog lover ( Source : instagram )

Casey joined Metropolitan State College in Denver for one year after graduating from high school in 2005 to study psychology and theater arts.

Soon after, with a rekindled passion for performing, he decided to return to California to pursue a career in show business.

Deidrick has two half-sisters, Micayla and Nikole, from his mother and stepfather, and two half-brothers, Amy and Jake, from his father and stepmother.

Deidrick spent a year majoring in theater and psychology at Metropolitan State College in Denver.

He took in a Siberian husky dog in 2012, which he named Nanuk. He also performs as the band And Still, I Rise's Unclean Vocalist.

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