What Illness Does Alison Young At QVC Have? Fans Wonder If Her Repeated Absence Could Mean Something

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Alison Young is a British television and radio broadcaster, beauty expert, and advisor. She works as a TV presenter for QVC. Her irregularity on the show has raised suspicion among fans about her net being well. What is her illness? Let's find out in the article below.

Alison Young was born in 1966 in the United Kingdom. She has spent nearly two decades building her brand into the success that it is today, driven by her passion for what she does. Alison grew up in the north of the United Kingdom before relocating to the south, where she now resides.

Alison loves spending time with her friends and family when she is not working and being as active as she can. She enjoys walking her dogs and riding horses, traveling around the world, and learning about different cultures. Traveling also aids her in picking up on different beauty trends worldwide as a beauty expert.

What Illness Does Alison Young At QVC Have?

The Covid-19 infected Alison during the first week of June. She tweeted on June 2 about her health conditions and informed her fans of the reason behind her disappearance from the QVC show and social media.


She thanked NHS London for their incredible support and response to her case through that tweet.

She's appeared on numerous TV and radio shows and in the press and magazines throughout the years, most notably with her own QVC shows, where she has thoroughly loved sharing her tales and insider information on brands and who they are appropriate for.

Health Update, What Happened To Her?

As of now, she has recovered completely from Covid-19. She did a short live stream on her Twitter account, giving her health updates to her fans. She said she had recovered from the illness and thanked everyone who prayed and helped her through that time.

She especially thanked the NHS and Royal Mail for their extremely fast service. She said that those lovely messages she had received filled her day with joy and happiness even though she was sick.

Alison Young At QVC

Alison's career has seen her feature on several television shows, allowing her to start her own YouTube channel. She has several QVC shows.

She began her career as a consultant for QVC's CEO, but she was later allowed to present on television. She has been allowed to sell Laura Geller, Liz Earle, It Cosmetics, and L'Occitaine in the United Kingdom as a part of the QVC team.

Alison has been chosen to present for QVC throughout Europe and the United States due to her outstanding work with the company in the United Kingdom.

QVC has become one of the largest and most prestigious channels for promoting beauty items, with the help of over two decades of experience and an ever-growing customer base of Alison.

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