20+ Creative Ideas For Pumpkin Carving This Halloween

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Halloween will be here anytime soon, so why not get ready with some cool creative ideas? There are many ways you can enjoy this festival with your friends and family, but one of the best things to do is pumpkin craving. Halloween is incomplete without cool pumpkins. Almost every house has a decorated pumpkin placed in their house during this day.

The Jack-O-Lantern are the most popular type of pumpkin used for carving. A craved pumpkin looks good almost every time, be it day or night. Below are 25+ creative ideas you can try while craving pumpkin this Halloween. Some might be spooky, while some are cute and pretty.

1. Classic

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This is the classic and most relied-upon pumpkin carving idea. This design has been used for many long and is quite popular. This carving looks cute during the day but it turns spooky at night.

The classic design is carved with two triangle-shaped eyes, a tiny triangle nose, and a long zig-zag mouth. You can make it more creative by changing the shape of the eyes or by spreading the mouth even more and so on.

2. Brain Out Pumpkin

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You can try this cool idea by carving a face on a large pumpkin first with cross mark eyes and open mouth. Next thing, carve another smaller pumpkin in the shape of a brain. Place the smaller pumpkin on top of the face pumpkin, and your brain-out pumpkin is ready.

Make sure to use a white color pumpkin as a brain, to actually make it look real. Make sure to try this cool DIY this Halloween.

3. Imprinted Pumpkin

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You can design pumpkins or gourds with cool and spookiest cutouts using a cookie cutter. First, you need to clean the pumpkin and clear out its inside flesh. Next, take a metal cookie cutter and slowly give the desired shape.

Do not punch too hard or you may break the pumpkin, because a vacant pumpkin breaks easily. Apply vinegar to the carved area so that it stays long. Use different types of cutouts in a single pumpkin to create a unique design.

4. Romantic Couple

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Carve a happy and romantic Halloween couple. You can style this with lovely faces on both pumpkins and save some rind to make a large 3D pout. Moreover, carve some slight eyelashes and eyebrows to complement the look.

You can make any time to face here, but try to stick with the above description for a cute romantic couple Halloween pumpkin. Place them over a flowery background or spread some fresh leaves to make it stand out even more.

5. Many Eye Pumpkin

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This idea includes pumpkins with many eyes. The more eyes the better. The theme of this carving is mostly spooky but you can even try to make it somewhat cute. Just cut a large smiling mouth to give that less spooky effect.

However, if you love spooky stuff, then place cut radishes and place them as eyes. If you cut one end of the radish, the white part can be seen, representing an eye-blooded eye. Protect the eye with a toothpick and use can use any other colorful vegetables for the eye.

6. Imaginary Fox

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This design will require many pumpkins with different shades. For the main body use an oval-shaped checkered squash, a round orange color pumpkin for the head, and for the tail use a bell-shaped gourd. Secure them with strong pins and use the stem of the pumpkin as a pointed nose.

Carve a long mouth and use acorns as eyes. Cut a small pumpkin and stick some seeds to create a toe and fingers. Your imaginary fox is ready, don’t forget to attach them with skewers.

7. Whale on a Plate

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This is a simple table décor idea. The preparation time for this carving is minimum. Take a tall pumpkin slice the bottom third and design the tail out of it. Cut a small eye hole and a large simple mouth with a smile.

Pull out the stem and place it upside down as a sprout. Decorate the plate with some gold elements to make the pumpkin stand out. Apart from this you can simply carve a whale on the pumpkin and highlight it with a light inside.

8. Turkey

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Decorate your pumpkin in a turkey to keep the pumpkin for next Thanksgiving. For this design, you can simply take a medium-sized round pumpkin. Make it the main body and the feathers, you can either carve a part of a pumpkin and give the shape of the feathers or you can simply place some feather cutouts.

The same goes with the face, you can simply carve a face on the pumpkin or place a readymade design available on the market. This way you have your creative turkey pumpkin.

9. Bird Pumpkin

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Use a fresh pumpkin with no marks. Clean out the dirt and flesh from the inside. After that take a sharp kitchen knife and start giving the pumpkin the desired shape of a bird.

This is a simple yet creative idea for your Halloween, but a slight cut can ruin the design, so remember to take a small sharp knife and design carefully.

10. Warts on the Pumpkin

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Already the warts on the pumpkin make them look scary and when it is carved accordingly, they look realistic. For the eyes, cut foam balls in half and place them in with glue. The pop-out white eye looks scary. Apart from that you can use the tail part of any bitter gourd cut in half for some more spooky eyes and even on the nose.

Cut wide open the mouth and stick some tiny wood for the teeth. The stem stays right in place. In order to make this carving scarier, use different shaped pumpkins, from small to big, long to tiny.

11. Candle Pumpkin

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For creating a candle pumpkin, you need a tall squash. This carving requires careful concentration. The squash must be clean and spotless. Wash it with water and vinegar spray. After that carefully cut open the bottom part and slowly, flush out all its flesh.

Close the opening with the rind. Delicately, start carving a candle shape on the squash. Carve the candle from top to bottom to properly highlight its design. Some light smoke might make the candle look more realistic.

12. Fall Season Pumpkin

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Fall Season pumpkin must be carved on the surface level, so try not to dig deep while carving this beautiful design on your pumpkin. The fall season is represented by falling leaves, nuts, and flowers. You can choose either one of these to carve.

It is best to follow a template while designing so that you don’t mess up. Clean the pumpkins well and spray some vinegar to help them last longer. You can use as many pumpkins as desired.

13. Flower Carved Pumpkin

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For this design, you will need a template, carving tools, a small knife, a pen and a bowl. Start by drawing the flower on top of the pumpkin. Secondly, scrape out all the flesh from the inside and clean it properly. Start carving over the design with the help of a scalpel or small knife.

Then carve the leaves, and drill the holes. Carve the stem as well to complete the floral pumpkin. Lastly, light up the pumpkin from the inside and there you have it, your beautiful floral pumpkin. You can place it inside your house or outside on the lawn.

14. The Witch Pumpkin

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This is also the most common type of pumpkin carving used during Halloween. Place the pumpkin in such a way that the stem sits on the place of the nose. Once the nose is set, carve fancy eyebrows and a wicked smile. Follow the original ribs of the pumpkin while drawing these features. With the help of a small knife carve a light layer of the pumpkin to show the inside skin.

Remember, you do not want to poke all the way inside the pumpkin. Place small buttons for the eye to make it even more wicked place some dried moss on top to form hair. You can secure the hair with hot glue or simply balance it with a dark pointed hat.

15. Three Wise Pumpkin

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The three wise pumpkins represent, hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil stacked pumpkins. Huge pumpkins are preferred to create the head of each pumpkin and tiny round pumpkins are stacked inside to create eyes. Use artificial skeleton arms to cover their eyes, mouth, and ears.

Carve the mouth wide and open and secure the three heads with the help of skewers. This carving will turn out to be huge, creative, and scary at the same time. Place it in your garden to attract many wanderers.

16. Barbarous Pumpkin

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As the name suggests, a big pumpkin will be eating another small pumpkin in this idea. This is a fun idea to try this Halloween. First, take a huge pumpkin and carve a wide open mouth and eyes. Make sure to remove every flesh from within. The space should be huge enough to fit a small pumpkin well.

For the small pumpkin, you will want to create a scary look on its face. Make a hole in the eye, a thick eyebrow, and a small nose. The eyebrow should be carved slightly upward to create a sense of shock. Light up the pumpkin from within, and there you have your scary barbarous pumpkin.

17. Puking Pumpkin

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Take your Halloween to the next level with this sick-puking pumpkin. You can either place some food and make it seem like the pumpkin is puking or you can simply spread out the seeds and inside flesh of the pumpkin to create a throwing up scene. This is a fun as well as a little gross idea, but anyway, it will turn out exciting.

Apart from any other food or seeds, the pumpkin could be vomiting candies and many other stuff. You can go creative with the content of vomiting. In order to create this design, you simply have to carve a wide open mouth and closed-up eyes.

18. Venom Pumpkin

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Spooky pumpkin carving is always great. If you are a fan of Venom or you simply want to scare your guests this festive season, Venom Pumpkin will be the right choice. Take a mid-sized pumpkin and clean it properly. Remove all the inside particles from the pumpkin.

Next, paint half of the pumpkin in a dark color and leave the rest as it is. Aim for some narrow and sharp teeth, like prickly needles. On top of that for the tongue, carve some part of the pumpkin and don’t paint it. When followed by light this will turn out to be very spooky at night.

19. Scarecrow Pumpkin

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This idea is also quite popular, that has been used for many long. You can style the scarecrow design in ample ways. From spookiest to funny, you can turn the pumpkin as you like. First, take an almost round or square-shaped pumpkin. Then cut out the eyes, nose, and mouth area. For the nose, you can use the stem to make it look sharp.

Accompany the pumpkin head with some dried straw and top it with a hat. Place this setting on a stick and make a body with the rest of the straw. Place some spooky dark clothes and your scarecrow mannequin is ready. You can even dress them funny and cute.

20. Butterfly Pumpkin

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Butterfly Pumpkin is an easy and less time-consuming pumpkin carving idea. This can be ready in no time but a careful and steady hand is a must. Take an idea from any template and carve the pumpkin with a beautiful, feathery butterfly. Just like bird and flower carving, you do not want to dip a hole inside the pumpkin and only carve the surface.

You can add as many butterflies as possible. In order to make them look even more fancy and stylish, dig some small holes and light them up from the inside. The butterfly will glow bright with the lights. Another way is to paint the pumpkin white and draw bright butterflies over it.

21. Tongue Out Pumpkin

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Tongue Out pumpkin has its tongue placed out with a funny look. To create this look, take a mid-sized pumpkin and clean it thoroughly. Remove all the particles from the inside and wash it well. Start by carving holes to create big eyes and mouth. Make pointed teeth and a big mouth.

Take the cut-out part of the pumpkin to create a tongue. You can create either a scary or funny look with this design. The creativity level depends on you. The main focus here is the tongue so, a nicely carved tongue is preferred.

22. Harry Potter Inspired Pumpkin

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This is a cool and creative idea. For this, you will need a template and a sharp knife. If you are an expert, you can go all the way to neatly carve the outlines of Harry Potter's face. And if you are a rookie then you can simply carve the basic feature of the Harry Potter face structure that includes, a glass, or you can simply carve the initial HP on it.

This idea is also one of the widely used pumpkin carvings. Light it up from within, to make the character shine. Apart from Harry Potter's face, you can use any other element from the show.

23. Dotted Pumpkin

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This is one of the simplest yet loved carving ideas. You can style the dots in numerous ways. Though it is easy, this idea has much potential. You can either dip small dots and let it shine from the inside lights or you can paint the pumpkin.

Polka dots never go out of style. Make sure to leave enough space between the holes, so that they don’t overlap. Small holes can be designed in different patterns, you can simply dot all over the pumpkin, or create a beautiful design with these dotted lines. Finish it off with LED string lights inside.

24. Mickey Mouse Pumpkin

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Mickey Mouse pumpkin seems a jolly and fun craft idea. It is an easy Disney-inspired Halloween idea. There are so many ways you can carve Mickey Mouse on a pumpkin. From the popular big pumpkin with two small ones for the ears to the beautiful craving of Mickey Mouse on the pumpkin, this idea has been popular for ages.

On the simplest idea is to take a big pumpkin as the face and attach two small pumpkins as the ears. This design can be either painted with two different colors or left on the same colors. Another method you can try is to carve the whole Mickey Mouse on a pumpkin, but this requires proper design.

25. Mike Wazowski- Inspired Pumpkin

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Mike Wazowski is a one-eyed colored fictional character in Monster, Inc. In order to create this character, use a green gourd, or if you don’t have it, you can simply paint it green. Next, focus more on the eye and mouth. You can achieve this design in two ways, the first one is by perfectly craving the eyes, teeth, and tongue.

However, if you want an easy art, you can simply paint it accordingly. Use green paint for the whole body, there will be just one eye, so make it large and add a small ear. The carved version seems a little more realistic than the painted one but anyway, both of them are popular.

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