Iam Tongi Homecoming Concert To Be Held At Turtle Bay In Hawaii

The American Idol finalist Iam is always soothing and unchanging
The American Idol finalist Iam is always soothing and unchanging( Source : instagram )

Iam Tongi Turtle Bay Concert is the homecoming concert for him in Hawaii. Iam Tongi made it to the Top 3 on American Idol 2023.

One of the most memorable contestants of American Idol is a young boy of 18 who comes from Kahuku, Hawaii but resides in Seattle.

Many fans have even commented that his voice is soothing and timeless.

As Lionel Richie said in his audition that he was going to fracture some souls, and that statement has proved for the fans.

This heart-touching singer was brought up to his music by his father, but his father passed away a few months before the audition for the show.

Though sad, he is not emotional because he misses his father. He is emotional because he can still hear him singing and harmonizing with his voice when he sings.

And finally, everyone's favorite singing star has been selected as one of the top 3 final contestants of the 21st season of American Idol.

Where Is Iam Tongi Homecoming Concert?

Iam Tongi homecoming concert is happening at Turtle Bay Resort in Hawaii. The concert will be held tomorrow in front of huge masses.

Before the Hawaii native had even been selected for the top 3 contestants of the American singing competition, the finalist of American Idol was preparing for the concert in Hawaii.

All of Iam Tongi's fans were sure that the star would be selected as one of the top 3 for the show. And there were a huge number of fans who believed the statement even before the selection.

According to Khon 2, the show's producers reached out to Senator Brenton Awa Kaneohe in Kahuku, Kunia and called him to ask if he could get a homecoming ready for the Hawaiian star.

As there are few stars born as native to this island state of the United States, all the members of the Tongi family are super proud of their son who has reached to grab the stars.

Iam's concert has been scheduled before he was selected for top 3.
Iam's concert has been scheduled before he was selected for top 3. ( Source : instagram )

And there will be no effort and responsibility taken lightly for the concert to be held at the Turtle Bay Resort. Even without any support from the Idol, the setting is in full force.

Though the music competition of American Idol producers did inform the state Senator of the event, there was no monetary support for the concert's expenses.

So, Senator Brenton called out on social media for their support to build the stage and all the necessary preparation. With him calling out, communities have stepped in for support.

The people are so generous, offering lights, sound systems, and even venues for the concert's success. The city is also going to waive fees for different things.

The Hawaiian native, American Idol top 3 finalist will be reaching home after a long time. The ticket for the concert is free to the public.

Iam will have his concert at the Turtle Bay Resort.
Iam will have his concert at the Turtle Bay Resort. ( Source : instagram )

The stage parking has limited space for the first 3000 vehicles. The concert participant is to follow the event signage through the Kawela gate entrance of Turtle Bay Resort.

The gate for the parking opens at 3:30 pm HST, and parking will also be on the golf course fairways for easier access for the vehicles.

A convoy of trolleys will depart from the Polynesian Cultural Center along with the star from Laie at 4 pm HST. The door for the concert will be opened at 4:30 pm near the stables in the resort.

The concert where Iam Tongi will be present will start at 5:15 pm and last up to 8:30 pm. But during the concert, the audience cannot bring alcohol, chairs, food and drones.

In the concert, not only will Tongi be present, but Grammy-nominated artists and legendary local musicians will also perform. But the name of the other singers has not been revealed.

How To Get To Turtle Bay Resort in Hawaii?

Iam Tongi concert at Turtle Bay Resort is one of the events that are in hype right now. And you definitely need to how to reach the concert.

There are three mediums you can travel from Honolulu Airport to Turtle Bay Resort and two ways to travel that long distance. The three medium includes bus, taxi, or car.

According to Rome2Rio, the route includes traveling through Kaneohe, Ahuimanu, Kahaluu, Waikane, Kaaawa, Punaluu, Hauula, Laie, Kahuku and the venue of the concert.

The distance from Honolulu to the resort is 46.3 kilometers. The first option is to ride a bus whose fare price is $3 and takes about 1 hour and 46 minutes. This is the cheapest ride.

You can take the bus service from Honolulu to Turtle Bay Resort at Alakea St + S Hotel St station which is operated by TheBus. The service departs every 15 minutes each day.

Honolulu and Turtle Bay Resort is less than 50 kilometers distance.
Honolulu and Turtle Bay Resort is less than 50 kilometers distance.( Source : instagram )

This route also includes two alternative options. First is taking a taxi which takes about 1 hour and 1 minute, which costs from $150-$190 per ride. This is an expensive ride for customers.

You can also take your own vehicle which would cost you from $7 to $11 for each ride. And the time taken to travel to the location is similar to a taxi.

Another route travels through Moanlua, Pearl City, Waipio, Wahiawa, North Shore, Haleiwa, Pupukea, and the concert venue. The route also has a bus, but it takes a long time on it.

Taxi has the same price as mentioned above but only takes about 58 minutes to reach the destination, and having your own car is a similar distance with a lower price than a taxi.

Iam Tongi Is A Fan Favorite To Win It All

Iam Tongi is one of the most loved singers on the stage of American Idol and is adored by his fans. Fans are rooting for him to grab the championship. 

Iam Tongi has reached the finals of American Idol season 21. Kahuku native had given his absolute best in each and every performance when he was on stage. 

The singer on the top 5 challenge had sung Lava from the same name short film on his first performance and Father and Son from the Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. 

Katy Perry, the judge and singer herself commented that Iam knows who he exactly is and he brings that out in his every performance. 

At the end of his second performance on the stage, Perry later even commented that she didn't believe in coincidences and she could already see Iam being the next American Idol.

Fans has higher hope for Tongi winning the championship.
Fans has higher hope for Tongi winning the championship. ( Source : instagram )

With that much confidence just from the judges, it can be seen that the winning chances of the Hawaii native singer are more than the two other participants who are competing with him. 

Though the other two judges have not spoken much about the comment, they seem to agree with the statement. 

And Iam is preparing for the final standoff against his fellow mates and competitors. Even if he loses, he already should have many deals coming for him. 

Plus, his fans are much more supportive of him and wish for him success for the final showdown of season 21 of American Idol. 

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