Does Hugh Bonneville Have An Illness?

Hugh Bonneville does not have any illness as of 2022. There are no reports about his health condition on the internet. 

Although he is now in his 50s, when most individuals suffer from some kind of disease, the actor seems healthy. However, the rumors may have spread because of his recent weight loss. 

His appearance has changed drastically ever since he lost weight. However, many people think it could be his health-related issue that may have slimmed him down. 

Surprisingly, that is not true. It is not new to hear about his fitness regime now because he has shared it in recent years. His fit body is the result of his balanced diet and regular exercise. 

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Hugh Bonneville Talks About His Weight Loss Journey 

Hugh Bonneville's weight loss journey has been a matter of discussion among netizens. His weight has been talking of the town.

According to Hello Magazine, the actor had uploaded a photo of himself toasting the Royal British Legion's birthday during the filming of the sequel of Downton in May 2021. 

That was the time people noticed that he had lost some weight. The fans quickly commented on his photo, expressing their shock. 

Some even said that they did not recognize him at first. Some found it hard to believe that his appearance had changed drastically. However, after the matter went viral on the internet, the actor shared his journey. 

He said that a proper diet and exercise helped him take some weight off his body. In addition, he had hired a personal trainer to achieve those amazing results. 

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How Much Weight Has Hugh Bonneville Lost?

Hugh Bonneville has lost 16 pounds of weight. According to Yahoo News, he talked about how much he took care of his health during the pandemic and lockdown. 

He was strict on his diet and exercise. He had completed 100 kilometers of South Downs walk, which he considers an achievement.