How Old Is Sohvi Rodriguez? Sohvi Rodriguez Age, Wiki, Bio and Career Details

If you don’t recognize her name, Sohvi Rodriguez, is amongst the young actress on television, starring on ‘Animal Kingdom’.

She isn’t just popular for TNT series, but also for her role in 2019’s ‘Crazy Bitches’. We’re expecting to watch much more of Sohvi movies and television series in the future.

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How old is Sohvi Rodriguez? Her Age

Since her exposure through ‘Animal Kingdom’, the millions of viewers are truly inquisitive to know more about the actress.

But to everyone’s disappointment, Sohvi Rodriguez hasn’t disclosed a single detail about her private life to the media.

Given her secretive nature, we can’t report on her actual age as ‘when she was born’ remains unknown to date.

But, Sohvi Rodriguez appears like someone in her early 20s!

Sohvi Rodriguez Wiki and Bio

Though she’s the well-received character of ‘Animal Kingdom’, Sohvi’s life details remain inscrutability to the public for straight three years.

Sohvi plays Mia Benitez, an unpredictable, badass young girl raised in a gang. But, in reality, she hardly spokes about her life, which deprives us of knowing her early life thoroughly.

Sohvi’s biography posted on a few websites lacks details about her parents, siblings, education or whereabouts.

Moreover, no such rumor about this television actress has raised the eyebrows of both media and audience so far.

Even the camera of paparazzi hasn’t yet caught her getting too cozy of flirtatious with anyone. Besides her acting, it looks like she doesn’t enjoy attention towards private life.

Sohvi, however, was born and raised in Nicaragua, which explains her fluency in Spanish,’s Bio reports.

Living life in the public eye, this actress succeeds to keep all her thing shy away from the limelight.

Moreover, Sohvi Rodriguez isn’t active on social networking sites and doesn’t have Wiki, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook profiles.

Animal Kingdom Star – Sohvi Rodriguez Career Details

While Mia Benitez on ‘Animal Kingdom’ is her first starring role, Sohvi Rodriguez has barely appeared on other roles.

Sohvi very much recurred in TNT’s ‘Animal Kingdom’ and recently advanced to series’ regular for the forthcoming season.

In recent years, Sohvi is represented by Luker Roklin Entertainment. Before she started her professional acting career in 2016, she was a restaurant supervisor for five years.

During her turn at the restaurant, she lived and worked in Central London, Camden,  Notting Hill, and Kensington.

She landed the part of Mia in ‘Animal Kingdom’ in 2016 and heavily recurred for the first three seasons. Besides the TNT series, she has also starred in television series, ‘Crazy Bitches’ in 2019.

Despite being relatively new to showbiz, Sohvi has now been cast as a main in critically praised series. The series has certainly catapulted Sohvi to stardom, but she is yet to live the celebrity status.

As per, it’s been three years that she started her career yet she keeps proving her acting chops. With the upcoming fourth season, we’re anxious to see how Sohvi captures our attention as the series regular.