How Old Is Jackie Mascarin? Find Age, Wedding/Married, Wikipedia, Skater
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If there is any country that can sacrifice anything for skating, it’s Canada. Jackie Mascarin is one of those skaters who lead the fans and followers off the chair.

Actually, it’s not her game but recent news about her engagement that is creating eagerness. Everyone recognizes the 2018 Olympic champion, Scott Moir.

Almost every follower had their gut telling themselves that Scott and his skate partner Tessa had chemistry. Apparently, that was a false alarm.

Here you will know all about Scott  Moir fiance Jackie Mascarin, her age, marriage, wedding date, Wikipedia and more.

Who is Jackie Mascarin? Skater

Jackie Mascarin is a Canadian ice skater. Although detail information about her birth and childhood is not available, she did spend her childhood in Canada.

Jackie and Scott were childhood friends. Both were from Ontario, Canada. As per multiple sources, Jackie and Scott were skate partners.

Jackie Mascarin’s whose birth name is Jaclyn Mascarin is often nicknamed figure skater.

She has been an ice skater her entire career. However, she has not made any remarkable appearances in global competitions.

How Old Is Jackie Mascarin? Find Age, Wedding/Married, Wikipedia, Skater

How old is she?

Despite the information about her date of birth, believes she is 34 years old. Apparently, from her photo, she looks like she is in the mid-30s.

Scott is himself 31 years old. So, the pairing looks like matched in heaven looking their ages.


Recently, Scott Moir attended Virtue’s ceremony ‘Hall of Fame Induction’ in Ontario. The 31-year-old mentioned his aunt in the speech.

The star praised her for matching with his 21 years long skating partner Tessa Virtue.

However, that was not everything he talked about. He went to announce the big news. He had been engaged with his former skate partner Jackie Mascarin.

Jackie and Scott were also matched by his aunt. Similarly, Scott was 8 years old when they first met and paired professionally.

Instead, the bombshell was dropped pretty hard on fans and followers. The fans loved watching his game not only for his performance but also for chemistry.

Apparently, the chemistry was between Tessa Virtue and him. Well, relationships are mysterious. 21 years of performing together but nothing out of ice rink.

Jackie Mascarin has shaken up the feelings of Scott Moir fans. Some in a positive way due to the engagement. Whereas, others for breaking their fantasy of Scott and Tessa being together.

Apparently, Scott had a different idea about his love life. He kept secrecy about it the whole time under fans noses. Anyways, they seem to be a happy couple and will be together for a long time.

Although the date for marriage is not fixed, they are going to tie the knot very soon. everyone would love to see the ceremony of childhood friends turned couples.

Tessa Virtue took into Twitter to post a tweet on the regard. Apparently, she is happy for the couple and their engagement.

She even was looking for +1 to the wedding. So, the wedding is happening very soon.

Jackie Mascarin Wiki

She doesn’t have a Wikipedia page or attended public interviews. Similarly, there is no much public information about her career and biography.

Nonetheless, she is in the spotlight at present and will face media soon.