How Much Does Dr Jeff Make Per Episode?

Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet is a reality TV show that first aired on 2015 on Animal Planet and is streaming on Discovery+.
Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet is a reality TV show that first aired on 2015 on Animal Planet and is streaming on Discovery+.( Source : facebook )

Dr Jeff makes $30,000 per episode on Dr Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet. His salary is comparable to other Nat Geo Wild hosts like Dr. Pol.

Dr. Jeff Young Vet describes him as a veterinary doctor who was born on April 14, 1956, in Indiana, USA.

After the demise of Jeffery Dales Young's pet dog, he realized that he wanted to save animals and be a vet doctor. He was eight years old.

To solve the problem, Dale built a clinic that supplied animal care to those without other means.

An intense supporter of changing and sterilizing pets, Dr. Jeff has operated more than 160,000 population-restricting procedures that enhance long-term animal health.

He is driven towards supplying low-cost animal care to all, which implies his first preference is animals over money.

Dr. Jeff is qualified with some sharp surgical skills, and his idea of always preferring an animal first proves him one of the most appreciated veterinarians in the country.

He also guides 30 members of veterinary staffers.

How Much Does Dr Jeff Make Per Episode?

Dr Jeff makes around $30,000 per episode on the Nat Geo show. His earnings are comparable to other popular vets on Nat Geo Wild.

The Incredible Dr.Pol is one such reality show where renowned Dr. Jan Pol bases his veterinary practices in Harbor Beach, Michigan.

According to, Celebrity Facts and Verified Updates, Dr. Pol earns $30,000 per episode, and his wife Diana Pol, a co-cast also earns a similar amount.

Dr. Jeff also features in another similar show Dr. Jeff Doggone Miracles, which aired its first episode on July 14, 2018.

However, the price may vary based on the popularity of the person and the specific show.

Dr. Jeff Young is a popular veterinary doctor due to his teachings and campaigns.
Dr. Jeff Young is a popular veterinary doctor due to his teachings and campaigns.( Source : facebook )

The fees have increased due to a rise in medical expenses. New, efficient, advanced technologies make vet doctors' work easy as the world evolves.

Therefore, modern training, the latest machinery, and medicines add to the cost of operating a small-scale business that keeps growing.

The charges for different procedure types are clearly stated on the Planned Pethood International website, an animal welfare clinic founded by Dr. Jeff in the rocky mountains of Colorado.

Long-term hard work and focus have made Dr. Jeff one of the top veterinary worldwide.

Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet is a TV show on Animal Planet Network. However, the show is sliding more his practice to Conifer.

The show includes Dr. Jeff and his crew, who treats deadly cases inside their hospital animal house. However, the first season was not so successful and he lost money during that time.

Today the series is doing great with many people familiar with the show.

Peru team joining Cuba, Brazil and other during the Planned Pethood International campaign.
Peru team joining Cuba, Brazil and other during the Planned Pethood International campaign.( Source : instagram )

Jeff started realizing that the show is a better place to educate about the concept of altering and sterilizing pets.

With more than 25 years of veterinary experience and tons of surgeries under his supervision, Dr. Jeff navigates an inspired group of more than thirty veterinary staff workers as they react with calm state with carefulness, focus, and knowledge.

The show is narrated by John Schwab, who has appeared in twenty-two episodes since 2015-2017.

Dr Jeff Young Net Worth

Dr. Jeff Young Net Worth is $200,000. He is a philosopher of low-cost animal care.

Dr. Jeff has become a popular vet who deals with real-life situations. Seems like Jeff has a good heart as well as earnings.

With such many years of experience, Young is passionate about keeping his animals healthy and safe, along with the spay and neuter technique, which is the main theme of his business.

He is the founder of Planned Pethood, an easy affordable vet service to all. The company aspires to minimize the number of fellow animals overcrowding all over the globe.

Apart from that the company gave training services to veterinarians from different parts of the world.

Dr. Jeff along with his team in Mexico fixed over 200 cats and dogs during 2021 training programme.
Dr. Jeff along with his team in Mexico fixed over 200 cats and dogs during 2021 training programme.( Source : instagram )

An appointment cost charge $45, and an emergency and weekend meeting cost $65.

A low-cost vaccination clinic is provided every Sunday from 10 am-2 pm for Rabies, Canine, Feline, Bordatella, and others.

The company accepts cash, bank card, and credit. To begin a big surgery and hospitalization process, a client has to first deposit $300-$500 to begin treatment.

He even participates in fundraiser schemes such as the veterinarian raising $1.5 million to change the Conifer Crossings building to a veterinary hospital as well as a training center for veterinarians throughout the country.

Jeff entered the world of a vet first as an Animal Control Officer while he was in his university training. He witnessed a lot of hate and degradation for animals so he wanted to do something better for them.

He graduated from the Colorado State University, School of Veterinary Medicine in 1989 and founded Planned Pethood Plus, Inc, after one year.

Is Dr. Jeff Still Practicing?

Yes, Dr. Jeff is still practicing. He has moved his practice to Conifer with his wife for building a vet hospital and training center.

He raised a fund to transform a building occupied by Scooter's Smokehouse and Grill into a state-of-the-art veterinary hospital and training center.

The 67 years-old Jeff plans to make an open house at the Conifer facility. Jeff's practice is called Planned Pethood in Wheat Ridge which involves low-cost techniques and low-cost spay and neuter operations.

There are vet doctors in Mexico as well who work as a part of his nonprofit known as Planned Pethood International.

Young has an excellent vision for this area and has planned accordingly to build it properly that fits everyone. He is also in contact with the Inter-Mountain Humane Society in connection with the new facility.

Dr.Jeff wishes to turn this facility a veterinary hospital and training centre.
Dr.Jeff wishes to turn this facility a veterinary hospital and training centre.( Source : instagram )

Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet Clinic is set to be in this Conifer facility. His practice is slowed down due to his health condition.

Dr. Jeff is suffering from B-cell Lymphoma, a cancerous cell that mainly affects the immune system.

It was in 2016, Jeff received such heartbreaking news after he heard about the dangerous diagnosis.

He was informed by his doctor. Many tests were done to be sure of the growth of the cell, and it was an 8 cm-long cancerous lump found inside his body.

As a result of the disease, Jeff had to undergo many chemotherapy, due to which he lost his long hair. He is recovering gradually.

However, he is sometimes criticized for conducting practices that are different than usual. But Jeff has made it clear that his passion is to be after animals and not after money.

Is Dr. Jeff Coming Back in 2023?

Yes, Dr. Jeff is coming back in 2023. Season 9 will premier later this fall.

The last season 8 ended on May 28, 2022. There are altogether 75 episodes since season 1.

The most passionate and motivated Dr. Jeff makes a comeback with the new season of Animal Planet's Dr.Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet which will deal with the latest cases and new clients.

With the never-ending flow of suspicious pet ailments, grave injuries, and mishaps, new episodes bring fresh work.

If you have never watched the show before, the following video will help understand the essence of the show.

The doctor and his team give their best to protect the animal at any cost.

In the new season, we get to witness Dr. Jeff performing a task he never tried before, a problematic lung operation on a dog named Leyla.

Dr. Amy heals a husky who is injured by losing a fight with a porcupine. We get to see two turtles, Callie and Steve as Dr.Baier dives to improve their health.

Ozzy, an 18-year-old dog who is abandoned is saved by Dr. Jeff.

Apart from these stories we get to see in the upcoming season is Dr.Jeff and his team helping fainting goats by providing free care, taking care of a dog who jumped from a moving car, and many others.

Dr. Jeff recalls his 30-year of journey as a vet and his decision to make a low-cost veterinary practice where every single day brings a new challenge.

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