Hipon Girl: Herlene Budol Had A Plastic Surgery Or Not- Before And After Transformation Photos

Helene Budol appeared to be different from her makeup photos, and her fans speculated that she had plastic surgery and Rhinoplasty. 

Budol is a Filipino comedian who is currently breaking the news because of her plastic surgery. However, she hasn't spoken about the case to date. 

Helene Budol is an actress and entertainer from the Philippines. Budol is mostly known for being a host of a game show Wowowin "Willie of Fortune." 

 Herlene Budol Had A Plastic Surgery & New Looks

Checking at her photos with or without makeup, there is no convincing proof that Herlene has had any plastic surgery as of today.

However, several news portals like Celeb Diaries report that she had recently undergone plastic surgery, which is completely false news. 

After the plastic surgery news spread in the media, her followers started making different assumptions about her new makeup looks where she looked different than normal photos. 

Herlene hasn't responded to the plastic surgery news spreading in the media. No official medical reports or photos are available that further justify her plastic surgery. 

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Herlene Budol: Before And After Photos Of Comedian

Herlene Budol looks completely different from before in the latest photos she uploaded on her Instagram account. 

The comedian and television host has uploaded a topless photo where she had more makeup and was seen posing for a photo.

Many of her fans had compared her before and after photos and said that she might have gone for plastic surgery. 

Herlene hasn't replied to the rumors and was busy flaunting her new looks where she looks bold and stunning than in her before photos.

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Did Herlene Budol Have A Nose Job?

Herlene Budol, often known as "Hipon Girl," hasn't undergone nose and Rhinoplasty. 

However, reports claim she has a smaller nose and Rhinoplasty in her latest photos.

Budol looks completely different in her before, and after makeup photos she shared on Instagram. Fans had different theories and assumptions about her new looks.

On the other hand, there is no official confirmation for rumors regarding her plastic surgery, which is trending all over the Internet.

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Follow Herlene Budol On Instagram 

Herlene Budol is active on Instagram at @herlene_budol. She has a public account with 426 posts and 372k followers. 

Her latest Instagram photos include modeling and television shows. Apart from that, Budol also shares pictures with her relatives and family.

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