Who Is Hazen Audel From Survive The Tribe? What We know About The Geography Host

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Hazen Audel is the host for the Nat GEO Prime Survival, and people are curious to know about his bio and Wikipedia.

Hazen Audel has always loved nature and has enjoyed spending time outside of the city's concrete jungle and greenery.

He used to go out into nature by himself and discover new things he had never seen before.

His curiosity about nature led him to his current position on his popular show.

The most endearing aspect of him is his ability to quickly adapt to new environments and make friends with the locals.

Hazen Audel Verified Up in Northern Ontario in summer
Hazen Audel Verified Up in Northern Ontario in summer

Who Is Hazen Audel From Survive The Tribe? Wikipedia and Bio

Survive the Tribe is a show on the National Geographic Channel hosted by Hazen Audel.

Hazen visits various tribes around the world and observes their daily lives. He discovers their survival strategies.

Hazen Audel later directed Primal Survivor for National Geographic.

Hazen Audel, 48, was born in Spokane, Washington, on January 25, 1974, to Kootenai and Salish Native American parents. He is also of Greek descent.

In 2001, he earned a Master's degree in Ethnobotany and Tropical Ecology from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in Honolulu.

Hazen Audel Out in the wild
Hazen Audel Out in the wild

In 2002, he earned a Master of Education from Whitworth College in Spokane, Washington. He speaks English, Spanish, Quichua, and Vanuatu pidgin fluently.

In addition, he is a survivor who hiked 500 kilometers through the Amazon rainforest during the monsoon season.

He first appeared on Survive The Tribe in 2014, which helped him gain exposure. His popularity has skyrocketed since then. Many people admired him.

He set out on his journey alone when he was only 19 years old.

He decided to travel to Ecuador on his own, and despite the difficulties he encountered, he fell in love with the freedom he felt, according to Responsible Travel.

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Is He Married With A Wife?

Hazen Audel is currently unmarried and thus lacks a wife.

He has made no public statements about his plans to marry, so it is unlikely that they will marry anytime soon. He is currently preoccupied with his career.

He does not appear to be in a relationship at the moment, and he has no name.

Hazen Audel and His Mother
Hazen Audel and His Mother

However, Aussieceleb previously revealed that he was involved in a six-year relationship that ended tragically.

For now, it is confirmed that Hazen is still single and is not married to anyone. 

He is much more concentrated on his career and the thing which he loves to do, which is an exploration of the wild of the worlds. 

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